The Armed - “Forever Scum” (Official Video)

Detroit hardcore outfit the Armed released their new single “Forever Scum” and its accompanying video today in order to announce their forthcoming untitled full-length. In this simple but effective video, a turntable is doused in gasoline and then lit on fire. It’s a nice DGAF statement that probably took a fair amount of effort to actualize, and it pairs perfectly with the band’s statement about their new single to Fader:
There’s a lack of real, immediate honesty in a lot of music and art… Too much consideration of one’s peers and too little commitment to any statement or direction in fear of being considered uncool, either now or in the future. The result is a big gray blob of same-y rehashed bullshit protected by 15 layers of irony and reference to shield its creator from backlash. This song is about not caring about any of that.

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