John Carpenter - “Night” (Official Video)

John Carpenter is one of the great B-movie directors of all time, so it’s weird to see anyone other than Carpenter himself directing a John Carpenter music video. Nevertheless, it’s happened. Carpenter claims that he’s effectively retired from filmmaking, and earlier this year, he released Lost Themes, a great album full of the sort of pulsating synthetic instrumental music that he often used to score his own movies. Gavin Hignight and Ben Verhuist directed Carpenter’s new video for the track “Night,” paying tribute to the aesthetics of Carpenter’s old films. In the clip, we see Carpenter trying on a virtual reality headset and transforming himself into some sort of masked nightmare warrior, which seems about right. The clip is full of beautiful nighttime cityscape shots, and it serves as an effective pastiche, even if the man himself didn’t do it.

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