Smashing Pumpkins - "Owata"

Smashing Pumpkins are known for their gorgeous, and often a little weird, music videos -- their clips for "Today," "1979," "Tonight, Tonight," and "Zero" helped define MTV's mid-'90s glory days. And Billy Corgan hasn't given up his visual ambitions. His reunited alt-rock band just released a 12-minute short film for "Owata," a track from their 44-track project Teargarden By Kaleidyscope -- and it's all about female professional wrestling.

For the short film. Corgan -- a fan of professional wrestling, who often posts about it on his Twitter account -- teams with director Robby Starbuck to provide a behind-the-scenes look at the personal and professional lives of female wrestlers, played by real-life ring ladies Cheerleader Melissa and Shelly Martinez, plus an appearance by Scott "Raven" Levy of Juggalo Championship Wrestling, who plays the girls' trainer.

As the catchy song fades in and out, we watch them train, argue in their dressing rooms, and blow off steam at the bar. Then, of course, we watch one muscular lady totally body slam the other in the ring!

The video is just the latest oddball visual offering from the Pumpkins. NBA Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar recently released a shot clip where he dunks a pumpkin in honor of the Chicago-born rockers. Watch it here.

The Happy Nobodies - Tales that are True (Acoustic) - Andi

Music Video: The Happy Nobodies - Tales that are True.

Part of the idea behind "Andi" is to encourage musicians to get their music out there faster even if it's in a more raw and simple format. Songs by Andi that have positive feedback will be produced with full instrumentation by our indie band. (The Happy Nobodies) myspace.com/thehappynobodies

The Cliks – “Dirty King”

Music video for “Dirty King” from The Cliks. Directed by Thibaut Duverneix/Departement. Rock! Whoops, just realized this is 2 years old. Voting disabled.

First music video of The Cliks's new album: Dirty King.
We used the The Phantom HD camera from Vision Research.

Lucas Silveira- Vocals, Guitar
Morgan Doctor- Drums
Jen Benton- Bass

Artist: The Cliks
Title: Dirty King
Album: Dirty King
Label: Kindling Music/Warner Music/VideoFact
Director: Thibaut Duverneix/Departement
Producer: NùFilms - Sach Baylin-Stern/Patrick Chevrier
Director of Photography: Christophe Collette

TOBACCO – “Constellation Dirtbike Head”

A spacewoman battles the darkness to get to the light in the “Constellation Dirtbike Head” music video from TOBACCO. It’s like a music video version of that movie Sunshine. Directed by Trevor G. Allen.

Jazz Neversleeps / JtotheC - Take Care Of You

Jazz Neversleeps - Take Care Of You ft. JtotheC (director: Gunter Blokken / Eckelwood)

Rival Sons - Pressure And Time

Music video by Rival Sons performing Pressure And Time.


Steve Shane - "Every Pretty Smile"

Starring Rileah Vanderbilt. Directed by Behn Fannin.

http://www.SteveShane.com . http://www.BehnFannin.com . http://www.Twitter.com/Rileah

iTunes: http://bit.ly/atz36z

Make your own!




Coldplay - Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

The new video from the Chris Martin band is colorful like the one for the song that inspired it (“Ritmo De La Noche,” via “I Go To Rio“) and make some nice use of stop motion photography and the big budget a band like Coldplay carries around. Fuck with this band and get splattered with fabulous colors of paint.

Arcane Roots - In This Town Of Such Weather

The new vid from Arcane Roots as they wrap up a brief UK tour and set their sights on a slot at Sonisphere next week.

Octavia - Bienvenido

Music Video: Octavia - Bienvenido

dir. fotografía DANIELA CAJÍAS
productor ejecutivo VLADIMIR PEREZ

Los Daniels feat Natalia Lafourcade - Quisiera saber


Light Asylum – “A Certain Person”

Light Asylum: A Certain Person
on Nowness.com.

Over the past two years, Brooklyn vet Shannon Funchess has gone from being Brooklyn’s most recognizable backup singer (see: !!!, LCD, TVOTR) to fronting the locally celebrated dark wave project Light Asylum. Shannon says she grew up loving “Siouxsie and the Banshees, Depeche Mode, The Cure and The Human League,” and if you add Grace Jones, light sabers, and horses’ whinnies to the equation, you have a fair starting point for Light Asylum’s In Tension EP. “A Certain Person” captures Shannon in one of her most romantically vulnerable states (“Shallow Tears” notwithstanding), and filmmaker Eden Batki’s video treatment — blending concert footage with the band in real life and offstage environments on a west coast tour last year — does well to humanize and soften Funchess’s otherwise powerful, almost intimidating, poise and swagger. Plus this song just rules for summer heartaches.

Drake - Marvins Room

Drake continues his long windup to Take Care with a video for “Marvin’s Room,” the affecting single he released last month. The video treatment matches the lyrics, which catch Drake at the club, floundering in a post-fame drink-and-casual-sex bender, making an ill-advised drunk-dial to an ex who’s seemingly moved on but answering anyway. This won’t end well. It’s an unsympathetic position rendered with just enough relatable humanity to make you feel for a guy who is probably doing better at life than you. This equals talent. Who is Marvin though? Click on for Drake taking shots and being uncomfortable with his own reflection:


The Arcade Fire Presents "Scenes from The Suburbs" Dir: Spike Jonze

You may now watch Scenes From The Suburbs in its 28 minute entirety over at mubi.com. To refresh your recollection, Scenes is the short film Win and Will Butler co-wrote with Spike Jonze, featuring music from Arcade Fire and a trailer promising drama. You’ll recognize some of it from the “The Suburbs” music video. Sounds like Win’s narrating as well. Head over and press play.


BTW Givers now have a colorful, gravity-defying video for signature track “Up Up Up.”

Boris - Hope / Riot Sugar

Hope / Riot Sugar [Sargent House]

Eminem - Space Bound

Nine Inch Nails - Survivalism

According to the The Hollywood Reporter, Trent Reznor's long-in-the-works HBO/BBC miniseries "Year Zero" now has a writer. The miniseries, based on Nine Inch Nails' dystopic 2007 concept album, has been in development since last year and a subject of rumors for way longer than that. And now Jim Uhls, the man who wrote the Fight Club screenplay (as well as the incomprehensible teleportation thriller Jumper), will write the miniseries.

Below, check out the video for the Year Zero track "Survivalism".

Pegasus Bridge - Yoko

Brand new video from Pegasus Bridge for the track 'Yoko'!

Guided By Voices - I Am A Scientist

Video for 'I Am A Scientist' by Guided By Voices


SBTRKT - Wildfire

Music Video: SBTRKT - Wildfire [Young Turks]

The Kills - Future Starts Slow

When it comes to music videos, the whole “life on tour” concept has been done to death. There’s only so much that can be done with long drives in a car, months of disconnect spent rushing around, and throngs of adoring fans praising a band’s very existence. But to give the rest of the world a sneak peek into their inner sanctum, The Kills’ Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince filmed every aspect of their lives on the road for the video for “Future Starts Slow”. Featuring the duo’s daily routine of taking walks and eating, the path of destruction they burn on stage each night, and some of the most adorably awkward pre-show kissing, The Kills make life as a rock star sound almost… normal.

Incubus - Promises, Promises

Continuing the minimalist theme of “Adolescents”, Incubus offer up another low-key video in the form of “Promises, Promises”. Featuring lots of performance footage (love the matching white outfits) and the band being filmed in front of a projector (watch out for the foot traffic, Brandon Boyd!), there’s simply not a whole lot going on in this clip. Nothing quite as disappointing as an empty promise, is there?

Bag Raiders – “Not Over”

A genius caveman invents time travel in the music video for “Not Over” by Bag Raiders.

Moby – “After” (Alberto Gomez)

Music video for “After” from Moby. This is the winner of the Hello, Future video challenge contest, beating out over 500 other entries. Directed by Alberto Gomez.

Epic Anime Cosplayer Fight

Yung Lee went to the Anime North convention in Toronto and asked cosplayers to act out action scenes with him. He edited the resulting footage into some epic battle action.

Coffee: The Greatest Addiction Ever

I consider myself an expert on drinking coffee, but even I didn’t know why a coffee tree produces caffeine! Excuse me, I need to go pour another cup. Link

Receipt racer

The receipt racer combines different in and output devices into a complete game. It was made during the "Let's feed the future workshop", part of the OFFF Festival in Barcelona on June 8th 2011.


Explosions in the Sky - “Last Known Surroundings”

Explosions In The Sky have built a motley fanbase through six solid albums of transcendent, expansive guitar instrumentals. The Texan post-rockers’ profile was raised considerably by having some of those life-affirming compositions placed in Friday Night Lights, and that made many of us like them even more because Friday Night Lights is one of the best TV shows ever and those Taylors are so wholesome and good looking. But, despite the band’s burgeoning popularity over a dozen years, “Last Known Surroundings” is only their first music video. It was produced by Sissy Emmons and David Hobizal of Austin design studio Ptarmak and you can take their trippy, animated journey with clear eyes, full hearts below.

John Maus – “Head For The Country”

There’s a snoozy insularity and strange weightlessness to John Maus‘s We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves: This dreamy Jennifer Juniper Stratford-directed video of Maus camping out at home, walking alone in the snow, getting silently psyched on action films, driving his car by his lonesome, and making use of a satellite dish in his Austin, Minnesota work well with that overall vibe as well as with “Head For The Country,” specifically.

YACHT – “Utopia”/”Dystopia (The Earth Is On Fire)”

YACHT paired Shangri-La‘s “Utopia” and “Dystopia (The Earth Is On Fire)” for this shiny Rene Daalder-directed video.

Rise Against - "Make it Stop"

Music video by Rise Against performing Make It Stop (September's Children). Dir: Marc Klasfeld.

Limp Bizkit - "Gold Cobra"

Limp Bizkit - "Gold Cobra" (Official music video)

Ministri - Noi Fuori

Regia di Marco Proserpio & Jacopo Farina for Sterven Jonger

Florrie - I Took A Little Something

Swide.com presents a short collaborative film for 'I Took A Little Something' by Florrie directed by Justin Wu.

For more information on this project, please visit:

Noah & The Whale -"Life Is Life"

Noah & The Whale

Album: Last Night On Earth

Director: Autumn de Wilde

Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody

A short film featuring the struggles of a doomed couple.

Official music video for ‘Use Somebody’ by Kings Of Leon, performed by Scala & Kolacny brothers. scalachoir.com

Director: Inti Calfat

Wife: Marijke Pinoy
Husband: Hans Van Cauwenberghe
Prostitutes: Dolores Bouckaert, Leen Van Dommel, Elke Shari.

Voice Search With Google Chrome

You can now talk instead of type to search on Google All you need is Google Chrome 11 or higher and a built-in or attached microphone. It makes searching words you're not sure how to spell quicker and easier. You can search long queries just by talking.


Fucked Up - "Queen Of Hearts"

The excellent scene-setting Scott Cudmore-directed video for David Comes To Life‘s “Queen Of Hearts” is as epic as you’d hope it’d be, though probably even better. Think School Of Rock with a wartime vibe.

Fucked Up - "Queen Of Hearts" dir. Scott Cudmore.

Full credits:

Written & directed by Scott Cudmore
Produced & photographed by Michael Leblanc
Edited by Scott Cudmore and Michael Leblanc
Musical direction by Nobu Adilman
Sound recording/mixing by Ian McGettigan
Styled by Corrina Allen
Post FX by Finch Taylor
Steadicam by Michael Heathcote

Yuck – “Shook Down” (NSFW)

Male and female body parts (genitalia included) are projected into living collages in the new Michael and Forest-directed video from London rockers Yuck.

Yuck /// Shook Down
Dir. Michael and Forest

Anna Calvi - Desire

Music Video: Anna Calvi - Desire

Trivium - In Waves

In Waves - Official HD Version Directed & edited by Ramon Boutviseth

Breakbot - Fantasy feat. Ruckazoid

Breakbot new video: "Fantasy (feat. Ruckazoid)", directed by Tony Frontal.

Director: Tony Frontal
Director of Photography: Mike Simpson

Catupecu Machu - Manuel Santillan, El leon

Catupecu Machu - Manuel Santillan, El leon (video oficial)

People In The Box - The Old Town (Dir. Ryu Kato)

Music Video: People In The Box - "Old City Ward"
Movie by RYU KATO 加藤隆

The Wallflowers - Three Marlenas

Music video by The Wallflowers performing Three Marlenas.


The Antlers - Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out

Music Video: The Antlers - Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out [Frenchkiss]

Stars - We Don't Want Your Body

Music Video: Stars - We Don't Want Your Body - [Soft Revolution]

Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Pull Out My Insides

Taken from the new album Don't Say We Didn't Warn You, out now on Cooking Vinyl

Nobody Beats the Drum - Poisson Vert

Most of the video was shot in December in a forrest near Putten in the Netherlands. It took seven nights to shoot everything frame by frame. Director: Rogier van der Zwaag

Rise of the Planet of the Apes- International trailer

Beautiful new trailer for "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" showing the stunning VFX of Weta

The Muppets Official Trailer

The Official Trailer for The Muppets New Movie


Crystal Stilts - Shake the Shackles

Music Video: Crystal Stilts - Shake the Shackles [Slumberland/Fortuna Pop]

The Vaccines - If You Wanna

Music video by The Vaccines performing If You Wanna.

Blanck Mass - Icke's Struggle

Music Video: Blanck Mass - Icke's Struggle [Rock Action]

Pink Mountaintops - "Through All The Worry"

Director Rob Leickner’s movie Everything Louder Than Everything Else follows a woman who owns a Vancouver recording studio. Pink Mountaintops play a band called Metal Problem in the film, but this song was written by/for Pink Mountaintops and will likely appear on their followup to Outside Love.

Anatomy of a Computer Virus

An infographic dissecting the nature and ramifications of Stuxnet, the first weapon made entirely out of code. This was produced for Australian TV program HungryBeast on Australia's ABC1

Direction and Motion Graphics: Patrick Clair
Written by: Scott Mitchell

Best Coast - Gone Again

Shot entirely in slow motion, the video for “Gone Again” starts out pretty ominous. Women dressed in green khaki jumpsuits and kitty-cat face masks bearing rifles on a cloudy, gray day doesn’t send many happy messages, unless the feline apparel makes up for any sense of impending doom. However, the ammunition is the kicker in what otherwise would have been an aching pace towards homicide. Instead of painful bullets, the weapons fire- but wait, you don’t want me to ruin the ending, do you?

The Wombats - Techno Fan

Watch the official video for Techno Fan by The Wombats.

Owl Vision – “Deathstar”

Music video for “Deathstar” from Owl Vision.


Cool Fun – “House”

Here’s the music video for the song “House” from the band Cool Fun. Directed & scripted by PRANO BAILEY-BOND.

Jamie Woon – “Lady Luck”

The music video for “Lady Luck” from Jamie Woon slowly merges a flickering 3d world into the regular shots. It’s a pretty cool effect. Directed by Vincent Haycock.

Bon Iver - Calgary

Written by Justin Vernon with Andre Durand and Dan Huiting
Directed by Andre Durand and Dan Huiting
Produced by Daniel Cummings and Picture Machine Productions

Panda Bear - "Surfer's Hymn"

A tribute to surfers taken by the sea. (unofficial vid)


The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Burn It Off

Computer Magic - "The End Of Time"

A lot’s happened with BTW Computer Magic, aka Danielle (aka Danz), since we wrote about her back in September. Since then she’s released a ton of new EPs online and on record, and she’s played her first live shows with a full band. “The End Of Time” is her first official single release, and this 7-inch contains many of her now-trademarks: an obsession with science fiction and the future, childlike sweetness, quirky melody. You’ll see of that in the video for the track too, in which Danz treks around New York City in a tiny spacesuit that makes her look more alien than astronaut The video was directed by Jesse Jenkins.

Bright Eyes - Jejune Stars

directed by Lance Acord

Metronomy – “The Bay”

Music video for “The Bay” from Metronomy. Directed by David Wilson. Not as strong as some of their other videos, in my opinion, but still pretty good.

The Airborne Toxic Event - Changing

Music video by The Airborne Toxic Event performing Changing.

Neuman - " I Have The will "

New music video, Neuman band has released new stuff. "I Have The Will" it´s included in "Plastic Heaven" Album.
Directed by Manuel Garcia De Otazo

White Lies – “Holy Ghost”

The music video for “Holy Ghost” from White Lies. Directed by Canada.

Madam Adam - Sex Ain't Love

Music Video: Madam Adam - Sex Ain't Love.


Cliché is a short movie by Cédric Villain. Music by Laure Chailloux and mixed by Nicolas Chimot.
The movie is a list of stereotypes of France and frenchmen seen from abroad.


iamamiwhoami – “; john”

Swedish electro act iamamiwhoami is back with the music video for “; john”. Strange as ever with her appearing in what seems to be a futuristic brothel on a bed made of toilet paper rolls. Starts off kind of slow, in fact there is no sound for the first minute, but picks up the pace later.

Columbus – “Hubble”

Columbus with a fun retro styled music video for their song Hubble. Kind of sad to see that nice boombox melt. Direction & Production by The Crystal Beach.

Direction & Production: The Crystal Beach
Art Direction & Design: Alexander Dueckminor
Cut: Amir Sufi
Cast: Vanessa Chromik, Franz Glahn
Hair & Make-up: Alexandra Waldher
Robes: Claudia Irro
Music: Columbus - Hubble / studiocolumbus.com

Hook, Line & Murder

Hooray For Earth "True Loves" (Cereal Spiller Remix)

Directed by Cyriak

- Music video for Hooray For Earth's "True Loves" (Cereal Spiller Remix). Animated and Directed by Cyriak Harris.


Broken Social Scene - "Sweetest Kill"

Broken Social Scene have dropped the Claire Edmondson-directed, Bijou Phillips-starring video for "Sweetest Kill", from 2010's Forgiveness Rock Record. Watch it below via the Broken Social Scene Facebook page, but be aware: there is both axe-related violence and gore.

Via: Pitchfork.

Anathema - Dreaming Light

Dreaming Light is the second single to be lifted from last year's album, We're Here Because We're Here. Awarded Classic Rock's 'Prog Album of the Year' as well as a host of other accolades, the album was the band's first collection of new material band since the 2003 album, A Natural Disaster.

A multi-coloured, multi-layered work of unbridled emotion, passion, and intensity, the new album was embraced by their legions of fans and the worldwide press. We're Here Because We're Here was mixed by Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree), who described it as "definitely among the best albums I've ever had the pleasure to work on."

More: Youtube.

Bad Meets Evil - Fast Lane ft. Eminem, Royce Da 5'9

Music video by Bad Meets Evil performing Fast Lane.

Memory Tapes – “Yes I Know”

A very strange, yet well done video for “Yes I Know” by Memory Tapes. Directed by Eric Epstein.

Panda Bear "Slow Motion" + Interview + Live at Governor's Island September 11th, 2010

This video includes street footage and performance clips from Panda Bear’s Governor’s Island show in New York last year. It ends with an interview with Noah Lennox and more music clips. He talks about how having two young children affected the songwriting and sampling on Tomboy. The video was directed by photographer/documentary maker Cheryl Dunn.

Max Min - Anonymous

Music video by Max Min performing Anonymous.
Directed and produced by ShotShotShot 2011.

Team, Cast and Helpers: Daniel Bauer, Richard Techt, Hans Eberdorfer, Gerfried Hecke, Ilija Novak, Regina Novak, Elfie & Rudi

Rihanna - Man Down

Music video by Rihanna performing Man Down.

Before & After Ronaldo: Nike Soccer

Nike Soccer's latest ad campaign is both a homage to a retiring football legend and an entertaining history lesson on how the beautiful game has changed over the years. The cool new soccer spot splits it's evolving history into two distinct era's: Before Ronaldo and After Ronaldo. Created by ad agency F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, ironically based out of Brazil's hated football rivals Argentina, the ad features cool clips and graphics demonstrating how Ronaldo's rapid-style play and technique have influenced the game and resonated with fans around the world.

Director: Jones e Tino

Nicasso: The Wonderful

Check out this very intriguing short film by Saman Keshavarz. The video is pretty funny and has really awesome great transitions. More than halfway through the video, you'll surely be asking yourself what is really going on but we recommend you to stick 'till the end as it offers a great ending!

Nicasso: The Wonderful on Facebook: facebook.com/​pages/​Nicasso-The-Wonderful/​157744204293383

What happens when u get a Rockstar turned Street Magician...?

On June 1st, 2011 after a tour of the Pacific NW, Nic Offer left his job as the lead singer of !!! (aka Chk Chk Chk). He is known for gagging on his microphones, sporting short shorts, and rocking crowds with his raspy voice. However, he is sick of that and has a new trick up his sleeves. Nic Offer is: Nicasso The Wonderful.



The Cave Singers - Black Leaf

Video for "Black Leaf" by the Cave Singers' Jagjaguwar release "No Witch." Directed by Sam Macon.

On “Black Leaf,” The Cave Singers lock into a country-blues groove and stay there for just over three minutes. It’s a propulsive track, which we might call Roadhouse Motorik.

The music video is well-directed, with some young kids escaping their homes by tied sheets, then taking off on a trek to the snowy environs of their village to do battle with a wicker monster of sorts. It has a vague “Where the Wild Things” vibe to it, but with Peter Quirk’s old school vocals instead of Karen O’s squawking.

Star Wars The Old Republic: Intro Cinematic

One of the new Star Wars The Old Republic Trailer from Bioware and EA.


Music video for the track 'Bubble' by Jon Hopkins and King Creosote

The Boxer Rebellion - The Runner

Directed by Oscar-shortlisted DarkFibre (Ishbel Whittaker and Marc Hawker). "The Runner" is the second music video from the 2011 album by The Boxer Rebellion, The Cold Still, produced and mixed by Ethan Johns.

Written and Directed by: DarkFibre
Starring: Hannah May & Andrea Chovanova
Producer: Tess Mitchell
Exec. Producer: Bradley Woodus
Editor: Nick Lofting at Jump LA
DOP: Stuart Graham
Stylist: Sascha Lilic
Colourist: James Bamford at The Mill
Post Production: Absolute Post
Production Co.: Black Jack Films


Accomplished director Eli Stonberg who's directed for the likes of Passion Pit, Bjork, Sony, Smirnoff and Au Revoir Simone just sent us a dope skateboarding video he did for Burn Energy Drink. The video gives us many awesome perspectives that we're not necessarily used to. Eli Stonberg explains : "I filmed skater Aryeh Kraus with six tiny go pro cameras attached to his body and three more cameras from afar. So you get to watch all of the skating from several perspectives simultaneously". The flow of the video fits perfectly with the song, entitled Pure by Blackbird Blackbird.

Assassin's Creed Revelations - E3 Trailer

Check out the three minute E3 trailer for Ubisoft's upcoming "Assassin's Creed Revelations" video game. What really caught our attention was the fact that they used the awesome track Iron by Woodkid as the trailer's song. Good for Woodkid. Good for Ubisoft. Good for everybody.

Prey 2: E3 2011 - Official Trailer

Gorgeous CG trailer for Human Head's Prey 2. Song is "Rusty Cage" by Johnny Cash.

Tomb Raider "Turning Point" Debut Trailer

Armed with only the raw instincts and physical ability to push beyond the limits of human endurance, Tomb Raider delivers an intense and gritty story into the origins of Lara Croft and her ascent from a frightened young woman to a hardened survivor.

Guitar Baby!

A baby playing the electric guitar. I think it's fake.

This is just a promo for the upcoming game from ubisoft, "Rocksmith"

Adele - Rolling In The Deep

Music video by Adele performing Rolling In The Deep.


Kanye West – “Monster” Video (Final Version)

The gang’s all here: Yeezy, Rick, Jay, Harajuku Barbie, dead models hanging from chains… Yikes. The’s clip’s intro warning — “The following content is in no way to be interpreted as misogynistic or negative towards any groups of people. It is an art piece and it shall be taken as such.” — won’t stave off criticism, but the fact that we all saw a rough version of this Jake Nava video six months ago should abate much of the controversy.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is out now. It was the best album of 2010.

Gruff Rhys - Honey All Over

Music video: Gruff Rhys - Honey All Over [Wichita / Turnstile]

Tyler The Creator - She feat. Frank Ocean

Tyler The Creator - She feat. Frank Ocean [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Linkin Park - Iridescent

Linkin Park's single "Iridescent" featured on Transformers: Dark Of The Moon


Foo Fighters – “Walk” Video

By now you (and Lemmy) know Foo Fighters have fun with their videos: “Walk”‘s recreation of that grunge-era Michael Douglas movie Falling Down is no different.

Three Trapped Tigers - Noise Trade

The official music video for ‘Noise Trade’ by the instrumental noisenik band Three Trapped Tigers. Dir. Garth+Ginny

Carving the Mountains

A spring afternoon in the Madrid Mountains.

Longboard Girls Crew: facebook.com/​longboardgc

Pascal Comelade - Rue Des Soeurs Noires
The Decemberists - Rox In The Box

Batman Delivrance: Wolverine vs Batman

Batman has retired from the superheroes’ stage and Gotham City is plunged into chaos. As Bruce Wayne is getting older and suffering from serious problem drinking, is he going to resist to the Dark Night call for a last fight, a heroic fighting with an awesome adversary?


Biting Elbows - The Light Despondent

Biting Elbows - The Light Despondent (dir. Lado Kvataniya)

Cee Lo Green - I Want You (Hold On To Love)

The music video for “I Want You” (Hold On To Love), from Cee Lo Green.

Ford & Lopatin - "World of Regret"

Ford & Lopatin "World of Regret" 2011

Directed by Thunder Horse Video and Tabor Robak

CGI & Animation by Tabor Robak

Amnesty International: 50 Years

Carlos Lascano directs this epic piece to celebrate 50 years of Amnesty International. Music by Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe, animation by Eallin.

Quentin VS Coen - A Tribute to Tarantino & the Brothers

Spoke Art is proud to present Quentin vs. Coen, a tribute to Tarantino & the Brothers. This video documents the art show that was curated by Ken Harman on April 7th, 8th and 9th at Bold Hype Gallery in New York City.