Mew - “Making Friends” (Official Video)

After a long break, Danish proggers Mew returned this year with the new album +-. They’ve already made two videos for “The Night Believer,” as well as clips for “Satellites,” “Water Slides,” and “Witness,” and now they’ve got one for the odd smooth-funk tune “Making Friends.” The new clip throws the band, wearing freaky mime facepaint, into a sort of half-rotoscoped animated landscape that looks a bit like the apocalypse. Various weird monsters make appearances, as do foxes, dinosaurs, and a big meteor. Jonas Bjerre directs, and I have no idea what any of it means.

Watch Charli XCX’s Documentary About Feminism And The Music Business

Over the summer, while she was touring in support of last year’s Sucker and playing festivals like Glastonbury and Lollapalooza, Charli XCX filmed a 42-minute documentary about feminism — “the real f-word” — and what it’s like to be a woman in the music industry, a frequent interview question that Charli says is “annoying, but still necessary.” In addition to behind-the-scenes footage of her shows, The F Word And Me features interviews with other female pop artists including Ryn Weaver, Hannah Diamond, LIZ, Marina And The Diamonds, and MS MR’s Lizzy Plapinger talking about their approach to feminism. (Also Jack Antonoff.) The doc aired tonight on BBC3, and you can watch the entire thing below.

Rustie - “First Mythz” (Official Video)

Rustie loves to drop shit unexpectedly! He put out a whole album, EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE, at the beginning of the month with barely any notice, and today he’s put out a video for early single “First Mythz” while doing an AMA over on Reddit. This takes all the dolphin samples in that track to its logical conclusion, filling the video with various sea life (mostly dolphins) cut together to match the warp speed of the song.

MMOTHS - “Deu” (Official Video)

MMOTHS is the moniker of Jack Colleron, an electronic producer based out of Ireland that creates dark, evocative music that treads somewhere between ambient and downtempo. He’s released two EP’s, his self-titled debut and Diaries, and supported the xx on a few tour dates back in 2012. His debut record, LUNEWORKS, is out next year and he’s shared a video for its lead single “Deu,” directed by Hassan Rahim and Scott J. Ross. Taking a simple and highly interpretive route, the video consists of two contrasting clips of stark, symbolic imagery, including burning flowers and long red corridors. Combined with the ghostly and engrossing electronics of the song, it’s a mystifying entryway into the work of this new artist.

EL VY - “No Time To Crank The Sun” (Official Video)

EL VY, the side-project duo of the National’s Matt Berninger and Menomena’s Brent Knopf, dropped their debut album Return To The Moon last month, and they’ve just come out with a new video for the brooding album track “No Time To Crank The Sun.” In this one, we see time-lapse footage of Berninger and Knopf doing all the album-promotion things that bands have to do after they get their records ready. They pose for photos, they play intimate promotional shows, and they do lots and lots of interviews, presumably answering the same few questions over and over. (You will not be surprised to learn that Berninger does most of the talking.) There’s a bit of recording in there, but this is more a video about all the menial tasks that creative people have to do to make sure people hear their shit. Tom Berninger — the brother of Matt who directed the National documentary Mistaken For Strangers, not the actor who was in Major League and Platoon — directs.

Rome Fortune - “Dance” (Official Video)

For his new single “Dance,” the Atlanta rap weirdo Rome Fortune got a beat from the Montreal house producer Kaytranada. And now he also got a video from the director GOLDRUSH. In the clip, we see cartoon energy crackling across a night-time cityscape, as Rome Fortune forgets his problems and loses his mind on a nightclub dancefloor. I don’t know whether the girl in the video is supposed to be real, or if she’s Rome’s projection, but it’s the rare rap video in which that’s at least an open question.

Wild Nothing - “To Know You” & “TV Queen” Video

Jack Tatum’s shimmering indie-rock project Wild Nothing is returning early next year with Life Of Pause, their first full-length since 2012’s Nocturne. The album was recorded over several weeks in Los Angeles and Stockholm with producer Thom Monahan; Peter Bjorn & John’s John Eriksson contributed drums and marimba, and Medicine guitarist Brad Laner and “a crew of saxophonists” also helped out. In a press release, Tatum calls the album his most “mature and honest” work to date, and this is what he has to say about it:
I desperately wanted for this to be the kind of record that would displace me. I’m terrified by the idea of being any one thing, or being of any one genre. And whether or not I accomplish that, I know that my only hope of getting there is to constantly reinvent. That reinvention doesn’t need to be drastic, but every new record has to have it’s own identity, and it has to have a separate set of goals from what came before … There’s definitely a different kind of ‘self’ in the picture this time around. There’s no real love lost, it’s much more a record of coming to terms and defining what it is that you have — your place, your relationships. I view every record as an opportunity to write better songs. At the end of the day it still sounds like me, just new.
One song from the LP, “Adore,” was debuted live earlier this year, and now the band have shared two new tracks, “To Know You” and “TV Queen,” in the form of one long music video, opening on the same image of Tatum featured in the album art. Not much actually happens, and I’m not entirely sure what any of it means — most of the second part appears to be the same as the first, just from a different perspective and with minor differences — but it is successful in creating a bizarre, slightly off-kilter atmosphere.

PINS - “Got It Bad” (Official Video)

The dreamy UK band PINS released an impressive album called Wild Nights earlier this year, and we’ve posted their videos for “Young Girls,” “Everyone Says,” and “Dazed By You.” Their latest clip is for the lovely reverb hymn “Got It Bad,” and it shows the members of the band wandering around their Manchester hometown — passing around bottles, waving sparklers, and generally looking like a gang that you’d like to join. Sarah Jenny Johnson directed the video.

CL - “Hello Bitches” (Official Video)

CL is the most visible member of the Korean girl group 2NE1, which makes her a massive pop star in much of the world and also one of the forces behind the greatest music video of all time. Lately, she’s been transitioning to English-language music, switching back and forth between rapping and singing over huge, fizzy trap stompers. Earlier this year, she teamed up with Diplo, Riff Raff, and OG Maco for the ridiculously catchy “Doctor Pepper.” And now she’s got a ridiculously catchy single of her own. CL’s working on her first-ever solo album, and she tells Noisey that the new banger “Hello Bitches” is her “street single.” On the track, she switches back and forth between English and Korean and radiates star-level ferocity all over the place. And in the video, she and a team of dancers take over an abandoned warehouse and project dangerous levels of charisma. Choreographer Parris Goebel directs.


David Bowie - “★” (Blackstar) Video

The short film for David Bowie’s new single “★” premiered just a few minutes ago on Palladia TV and at a screening in Brooklyn. Now, the whole thing is online for everyone to see. It was directed by Johan Renck (who also directed the UK show The Last Panthers, which uses the track as its theme song). It’s 10 minutes long! It’s Bowie! Of course it’s weird and a must-watch — do it below.

Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz - “Lighter” (Official Video)

Miley Cyrus and the Flaming Lips just kicked off a tour in support of their bizarre, messy, occasionally great and occasionally unlistenable album Dead Petz, and now they’ve shared a video for the Mike Will Made It-produced slow jam “Lighter,” which cracked our 5 Best Songs Of The Week list when it came out in September. “Fuck yeah! After our 1st show in Chicago (which was totally turnt) we loved seeing y’all singing along to all the Dead Petz jamsssss but seemed like this one was a fan favorite!!!!!” Miley wrote in a Facebook post. “For all of you who can’t be with us in Detroit tonight and of course for all of you who will here is the official Lighter music video directed by me and Wayne Coyne featuring Jen Stark’s bad ass animated kaleidoscopic projections!!!!!” The video features Miley singing, dancing around, and smoking while slathered in trippy rainbow effects.

Dev09 - “You Made Me” (Official Video)

Last month, we posted “You Made Me,” an excellent piece of sneery, minimal club-pop from Dev09, an 18-year-old singer who comes from South Bend, Indiana. After we posted it, Stelios Phili, the A$AP Ferg collaborator who produced the track, emailed me and told me that Brett Haley, director of the buzzed-about new movie I’ll See You In My Dreams, had heard the track on Stereogum and loved it. He liked it so much, in fact, that he flew to South Bend and filmed the video for free. And so I’m delighted to report that the new video is really, really good. Haley films Dev09 as she struts through her hometown, moving through a skating rink and a machine shop and a few tree-lined suburban streets. And she has a very serious presence, which is more than enough to carry the video. I don’t know if music videos can make stars anymore — especially if the artist in question is an unsigned newcomer — but this feels like a starmaking performance.

The Dø - “Trustful Hands” (Official Video)

Paris electro-pop duo the Dø tamper with upbeat synths and catchy, irresistible choruses, and their video for “Trustful Hands” is in keeping with the same kind of mindful energy. Shot in Japan, the video acts like a performance art piece of sorts, with members Olivia Merilahti and Dan Levy dancing and lying on the ground in the middle of a crowded Tokyo city center, welcoming the gawks of passers-by. The Dø do French indie in the same vein of acts like Superbus and Phoenix, and “Trustful Hands” is just all-around delightful. The clips are interchanged and superimposed by some French New Wave-ish visuals, and there’s even a brief snippet of Merilahti performing a pretty awesome rendition of Mariah Carey’s “Hero” on karaoke. “Trustful Hands” is pulled from the Dø’s third LP Shake Shook Shaken.

Watch The Muppets Parody Adele’s “Hello” Video

The American Music Awards are going down tonight — as in right now — and during the show, ABC aired an Adele-centric promo for their rebooted version of The Muppets. It’s a brief Muppet recreation of Adele’s “Hello” video, starring Miss Piggy as Adele and Kermit as her ex.

Ducktails - “Don’t Want To Let You Know” (Official Video)

Real Estate guitarist Matt Mondanile put out his last album as Ducktails, St. Catherine, just a few months ago, and now he’s already followed it up with new music. Last night, he played a show in St. Gallen, Switzerland, and today, he shot a video of himself walking through the city, which serves as the visuals for new track “Don’t Want to Let You Know.” As Pitchfork reports, Mondanile directed the video himself, and it was filmed by Ross Chait. The song itself exceedingly chill, even by Ducktails standards, pairing a subtly funky bassline with some chillwave-throwback synths.

Panda Bear - “Crosswords” (Official Video)

“Crosswords” is the fifth track from Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper to get a video, following clips for “Mr Noah,” “Boys Latin,” “Tropic Of Cancer,” and “Come To Your Senses.” This one was directed by Mount Emult, and stars a very jovial dancer dude that uses a keycard to enter a building, which I guess brings him into some other dimension. Or maybe he just takes acid? The rest of the video is filled with an overload of upside-down, shifting, trippy visuals. You think anyone in Animal Collective does drugs?

Chvrches - “Empty Threat” (Official Video)

Chvrches released the excellent sophomore album Every Open Eye a few months ago, and now they’ve given us the first truly great music video of their career. Chvrches themselves don’t appear in the video for the Every Open Eye track “Empty Threat.” Instead, the clip tells the story of a crew of high-school goths from suburban Florida. We see them getting smashed and going to a waterpark together, and it looks like so much fun. Director Austin Peters films everything with a naturalistic glow, and it’s a joy to see suburban goths, who are so often treated as punchlines, being depicted with real affection like this.

Nao - “Bad Blood” (NSFW) Video

Nao – “Bad Blood” (NSFW) (Dir. Ian Pons Jewell)

We see enough videos that evoke David Lynch or David Cronenberg. Let’s see some more videos that evoke Terry Gilliam.