Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders - “Come On Back This Way” (Feat. Sharon Van Etten) Official Video

Australian surrealist crooner Jack Ladder and his band, the Dreamlanders (including one of Stereogum’s favorite weirdos, Kirin J. Callinan) will return with their fourth album, Playmates, this fall. Album opener “Come On Back This Way,” one of two tracks featuring guest vocals by Sharon Van Etten, sets Ladder’s haunting baritone against jaunty karaoke-lounge synth sounds. It’s an eerie song in its own right, but Alex Smith’s video lifts it to Lynchian heights. Let Ladder and a lady entrance you below, and be sure to stick around for a pedal steel solo by a guy with a hook for a hand.

Watch Kasabian Cover Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy”

Kasabian covered Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” for BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. The English rock band was accompanied by a string section and incorporates a mash-up of DJ Shadow’s “Organ Donor” into the mix. Kasabian joins the Killers and Weird Al, who have also put their own spin on the unofficial song of the summer.

Fancy (Cover) - The Killers @ V Festival 2014 

Suuns - “Sunspot” (Official Video)

I can’t promise you that I spent 32 minutes watching this Suuns video, but I can promise you that the option is available to you if you want it. The clip, directed by Suuns frontman Ben Shemie and inspired by Richard Serra, involves lengthy footage of the sun and much washing of hands (it’s about “repetition and absolution of sin“) set to “Sunspots” from last year’s Images Du Futur. The Montreal psych experimentalists themselves show up for a while too.

Deech - “Get Better Boss” (Official Video)

Deech – “Get Better Boss” (Dir. Henry Kaplan)

Anything I could say about this would give too much away. But let me just say that this triad gun opera is barely a music video and that it validates the entire idea of Deech, a trance DJ from Belarus whose music I’d never heard of before I watched this.

Delta Spirit - “From Now On” (Official Video)

Delta Spirit – “From Now On” (Dir. Andy Bruntel & Isaac Cole)

A fitting companion to Future Islands’ “Seasons (Waiting On You)” video and a warm, empathetic portrait of the sort of people who don’t see their lives dramatized in music videos very often. Also, images of dog-related sadness punch me right in the emotional kidney.

Nai Harvest - "Buttercups" (Official Video)

We named Nai Harvest a Band To Watch because they’re fucking great, and your latest chance to witness that greatness in action is their new video for “Buttercups” from their recent split 12-inch with Playlounge. The band tells Crack, “Washing machines are cool dude! At the time Ed Crisp; who shot the video, had the idea of putting flowers in a washing machine then we decided to hit the laundrette to keep a little theme going. But, now you mention it thinking a little deeper I guess it’s a hint towards our album. That may sound weird but you’ll get it when it’s out.” Mysterious thematic foreshadowing aside, it’s a neat portrait of the Sheffield duo and an introduction to their most recent sonic evolution. They’ve already grown from twinkly emo to shoegazey alt-rock, and is that a touch of Oasis I’m now hearing in their fuzzed-out guitar pop? It’s essentially a conglomeration of everything good about melodic ’90s guitar music, so go ahead and watch below.

Chastity Belt - “Black Sail” (Official Video)

Chastity Belt put out the wonderfully titled No Regerts earlier this year, which takes a more serious tone than Julia Shapiro’s other project Childbirth. Chastity Belt’s dynamic was established in part by the stylish black and white video for “Full” this winter. Now here’s another dramatic clip. “Black Sail” begins with a group of settlers burying a body and performing a funeral, and it’s best to just leave it at that. Be warned that this gets pretty violent, but it lends a somber gravity to subject matter that’s a heavy trope in 2014.


The Weeknd - “King Of The Fall” (Official Video)

The Weeknd shared one-off track “King Of The Fall” earlier this year to promote the announcement of a five-date tour with ScHoolboy Q and Jhené Aiko. Just a few weeks before that tour is set to begin, he’s shared a video for the song. It’s a typical Weeknd affair, featuring slick production values and pretty girls, all while Abel Tesafaye walks around in slo-mo and pretends to be an innocent observer even as his lyrics betray otherwise.


Krill - “Turd” (Official Video)

Last year, the Boston band Krill landed a spot on our list of the Best New Bands Of 2013 on the strength of their album Lucky Leaves. More recently the band explored the concept album in miniature with the EP Steve Hears Pile In Malden And Bursts Into Tears, which amplified Krill’s goofy humor and existential dread, best exemplified on the single “Turd.” That humor and anxiety gets channeled well in Jake Appet’s music video, which he described as “a journey into the mind of a frustrated Krill fan.” It follows a guy talking to coworkers and going on a pretty bad date where the most awkward moments get caught in an unpleasant jerking loop.

That humor and anxiety gets channeled well in Jake Appet’s music video, which he described as “a journey into the mind of a frustrated Krill fan.” It follows a guy talking to coworkers and going on a pretty bad date where the most awkward moments get caught in an unpleasant jerking loop.

No Devotion - “Eyeshadow” (Official Video)

The debut single from Richard Jamie Oliver, Stuart Richardson, Luke Johnson, Mike Lewis, Lee Gaze & Geoff Rickly.

As you probably don’t need to be told, Lostprophets had an… uh, unfortunate demise as a band. So when the members re-formed as a new band called No Devotion and needed a singer of a higher moral character, they recruited former Thursday vocalist and generally upstanding guy, Geoff Rickly.
Despite a new name, a new singer, and a new everything, many wondered how No Devotion would dissociate themselves from their storied past. Here to introduce you to the band’s new look, sound, and lineup is their video for “Eyeshadow.” The video’s live shots, cut from a few UK shows and rehearsals, feature purple lighting and smoke clouds which give the band’s stage presence an ethereal feel, punctuated by Rickly’s penchant for emotional theatrics. He brings his basement show energy to the big stage. Indeed, this is a totally new band.

The video wraps up with a move clearly made to deliberately divorce the band from its sordid past: As the audience’s claps ring out, Rickly ends the song by telling the crowd: “We’re a brand new band called No Devotion.”

Broken Bells - “Control” (Official Video)

Broken Bells like to add a dose of sci-fi levity to their music videos; consider, for example, the intergalactic adventures of their “Holding On For Life” clip. But the band’s new video for “Control” is the first time they’ve gone full-on Fox Mulder with it, patching together footage of crop circles and UFO encounters and editing the spacecraft from the cover of their After The Disco album into old film clips. There are also some images of James Mercer and Danger Mouse performing, if you care about that sort of thing.

Zola Jesus - "Dangerous Days" (Official Video)

Zola Jesus returns this fall with the new album Taiga, and its first single, “Dangerous Days,” is a sweeping and beautiful piece of starry-eyed synthpop that couldn’t possibly be further from the gothic scrape-noise that Nika Roza Danilova started out making. In the new “Dangerous Days” video, we see Danilova singing by mountain lakes, on rocky beaches, and in deep woods. It’s beautifully shot, and it looks like a back-to-nature deal, at least until the moment that Danilova turns into a pillar of digital salt. Run The Jewels collaborator Tim Saccenti directs.

Saccenti also shared a statement about the video:

    The song is a pure emotional plea, a future primitive call to arms. To create a moment of light in these dark times was our hope. Eschewing a heavy narrative we let the images of the Earth, filmed in wide screen and mixed with a tense unnatural presence, wash over the viewer while Nika communicates her powerful message.

together PANGEA - “Badillac” (Official Video)

together PANGEA released their new LP, Badillac, at the very beginning of this year. Songs from that album have been paired with some pretty sweet music videos, such as “Cat Man” and “Offer.” Now, together PANGEA have given us a new clip for Badillac’s title track. Directed by Ryan Baxley (who gave us the Nick Offerman public-urination perfection of FIDLAR’s “Cocaine” video), this one plays with classic horror-movie tropes. There’s some good old-fashioned Frankenstein in there, with just a dash of the The Wolfman, but eventually it shifts gears with an homage to The Amazing Colossal Man … though that fighter plane swatting gives the thing a nice King Kong vibe, too. It’s a ton of fun.

Greylag - “Another” Live Video

Greylag recently released the excellent folk-rock single “Another,” and now, rather than pairing the song with a traditional music video, they give us this new live performance clip. The video is directed by Lymay Iwasaki, and if the single had us excited for the album, this video has us excited to see the band live.


Grimes - “Go” (Official Video)

Grimes’ “Go,” the Blood Diamonds collab that the two of them apparently wrote for Rihanna, may have started more fights than any other song this summer, at least until Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” came along. It’s a truly epic bit of pop weirdness, and now it has a video to match. Grimes and her brother Mac Boucher directed the video together, working under the name Roco-Prime, and their video is a dizzy pileup of images: Black lights! Iron masks! Billowing silks! Big-ass swords! Intense Vapo-Rub dance moves! Sand dunes! Hair flips! It’s a whole lot to process, but my first reaction is that it’s fucking awesome.

Here’s Grimes’ statement about it via press release:
“It’s our take on Dante’s inferno. The circles of hell reflect more contemporary issues though. We shot a bunch at the salton sea which is basically an apocalyptic wasteland filled with dead fish because of human carelessness, the bullet hole hallway a la korn freak on a leash etc etc. If you look closely you can find clues. Haha, but in the usual fashion it is also abstract enough to just be a trippy visual accompaniment to the song.”
X-Men/Watchmen screenwriter and Metal Gear Solid voice actor David Hayter appears, reading the opening lines of The Inferno.

The Both - “Volunteers Of America” (Official Video)

Earlier this year, alt-rock lifer buddies Aimee Mann and Ted Leo teamed up to form a new duo called the Both and to release a profoundly catchy self-titled power-pop debut. Both Mann and Leo had been funny in music videos before, and they’re just as funny together. Director Daniel Ralston, who previously did the band’s “Milwaukee” video, returns for their new “Volunteers Of America” clip, which takes place at a raucously drunken back-yard wedding. It gives us a rare opportunity to see Leo do the worm. The Bangles’ Susanna Hoffs, Samhain’s London May, and the veteran character actor Russ Tamblyn all appear.

Leonard Cohen - "Almost Like the Blues" (Lyric Video)

Music video by Leonard Cohen performing Almost Like the Blues. (C) 2014 Sony Music Entertainment. All text, images and photographs (C) 2014 Old Ideas, LLC.

Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj - "Bang Bang" (Official Video)

Watch the #BangBang'n new video by the dream team that is Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj!