Mumford & Sons - “Snake Eyes” (Live Video)

The tremendous doofs in Mumford & Sons are continuing with their questionable plan to leave behind the big-tent neo-folk that made them famous. The band’s new album Wilder Mind looms imminent, and the hamfisted early singles “Believe” and “The Wolf” move the band toward a supremely bland and character-free form of rock music. The latest is “Snake Eyes,” a song that has the same sort of cathartic build as older Mumford tracks — except instead of building to a big close-harmony bleat-along, this one leads to crashing compressed guitars. It works about as well as you’d imagine. The band has shared the song in live-video form, even though the audio is pretty clearly the studio version. Satisfy your morbid curiosity.

Built To Spill - “Never Be The Same” (Official Video)

The triumphant Idaho guitar-manglers Built To Spill return tomorrow with their new album Untethered Moon, and while the album itself is prime slow-swelling indie rock, the videos find the veteran band acting commendably silly. We’ve already posted their goofy-as-hell “Living Zoo” video, and their new clip for “Never Be The Same” builds on that one, going full meta in the process. The new video, from “Living Zoo” director Jordan Minkoff, tells the story of what happens with Built To Spill frontman Doug Martsch becomes weirdly obsessed with one of the characters from that “Living Zoo” video. It’s probably the single most amateurish video I’ve ever seen from a major-label recording artist, and it serves as a beautiful showcase for Matsch’s nonexistent acting skills. That’s a good thing, somehow. This thing is an enjoyable mess, way better than a straight-up performance video would’ve been.

Bonnie “Prince” Billy - “Gloria” (broeder Dieleman Cover) Video

Record Store Day is now only one day away, and like many others before him, Bonnie “Prince” Billy aka Will Oldham has decided to release something special for the occasion. Oldham and the Dutch singer-songwriter broeder Dieleman each selected one of the other’s songs to cover and will release the tracks on a limited edition 7″. Today, they shared Oldham’s version of Dieleman’s “Gloria” to announce the split, and it’s a rambling warble done in his signature delicate folk. The song is titled “Drie Vragen” in Dielman’s original Zeelandic dialect, and was translated to English by Oldham and Mimi Visser. Joan Shelley provides near-perfect, silvery harmonies. The video, directed by Eduard Walhout, pans through various shots of deserted natural scenery. Suddenly, a mysterious stick-man appears. He seems to be sort of a puppet-talisman, and he’s really cute. The video was filmed during the solar eclipse that happened in March of this year.

AraabMuzik - “Day Dreams” (Official Video)

AraabMuzik, the MPC-damaging producer who started out as a Cam’ron beatmaker and went on to become an EDM-tent draw, just announced the impending release of a new album called Dream World. It’ll be Araab’s first commercially-avaiable since 2011’s Electronic Dreams, the album that really made his name. The onetime seapunk cause celebre @LILINTERNET directed the video for first single “Day Dreams,” which follows the Electronic Dream model, giving a weirdly visceral take on slick Euro-club sounds. In the clip, we see Araab at work in a club full of laser lights, while images of oceans and cityscapes flash across the screen.

Watch Patti Smith & Laurie Anderson Induct Lou Reed Into The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

Last night, six artists were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in the Performer category. Lou Reed, Green Day, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bill Withers, and the Paul Butterfield Blues Band all received honors, and each got a speech and performance dedicated to them. Ringo Starr was inducted with an Award For Musical Excellence and the “5” Royals got an Early Influence nod. There were a number of highlights, including an emotional speech from Laurie Anderson, who accepted the award for her late husband Lou Reed after an introduction from Patti Smith. Watch video of their speeches below.

Also during the ceremony, Tommy James, Dave Grohl, and Miley Cyrus performed with Jett; and Karen O, Nick Zinner, and Beck covered Reed.

Watch Kanye West’s Surprise Coachella Performance With The Weeknd

The second weekend of Coachella is not without its surprises, even though it’s typically received with much less fanfare than the first. For example, last night the Weeknd brought out special guest Kanye West during his set in what’s probably the biggest surprise appearance this year. (At least maybe until Drake’s set later tonight.) The Weeknd started off with a cover of “Heartless” before Kanye took the stage and ran through “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” “Black Skinhead,” “Don’t Like,” and his new song “All Day.” Watch videos via Missinfo .

Watch The Series Premiere Of Diplo’s Animated TV Show Major Lazer

Diplo’s Major Lazer animated series has been in the works for a long time — they were obviously fixated on ’80s cartoons since the release of their first album back in 2009 — and it finally premiered on FXX’s Animation Domination block on Thursday night. They also debuted a new song, “Night Riders,” in celebration of the premiere. As we found out earlier this month, J.K. Simmons, Ezra Koenig, Charli XCX, Riff Raff, Andy Samberg, and Aziz Ansari will all make guest appearances sometime this season. 

(via Pitchfork)
If you want a higher quality version, it’s available via FXX if you have a cable or satellite subscription, or you can buy it on iTunes.

Watch Green Day Reunite With Original Drummer, Cover Rancid & Operation Ivy With Tim Armstrong In Cleveland

Tomorrow night, Green Day go into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Last night, the band played its first U.S. show in a couple of years at Cleveland’s House Of Blues, and they made it a special one. Punk rock hero Tim Armstrong, of Rancid and Operation Ivy, joined the band for a couple of songs. Together, they did Op Ivy’s “Knowledge” and Rancid’s “Radio,” which Billy Joe Armstrong wrote with Tim Armstrong (no relation, though I still hear people calling them brothers sometimes). Tim Armstrong should really have some kind of Hall Of Fame dedicated entirely to him. Green Day band also brought out original drummer John Kiffmeyer, who played with the band between 1989 and 1990, to play some old rarities. Below, watch fan-made videos of all that going down.

Young Thug - “Constantly Hating” (Feat. Birdman) Video

Yesterday, Young Thug released his deeply absorbing Barter 6 album, though he’s now saying that it’s really just a mixtape and that the real album, called Hy!£UN35, is coming in August. In any case, Thug just shared a video for the strange, bloopy, amazing Barter 6 opener “Constantly Hating,” which has a pretty incredible beat and an appearance from Thug mentor Birdman. Frequent collaborator Be El Be directed the video, and as with a lot of Young Thug videos, there’s no real production to this thing. It’s just a cameraman following Thug around for a few hours. Best Thug accessory in this one: The giant floppy black hat.

Bloody Beetroots - “The Grid” (Official Video)

Bloody Beetroots – “The Grid” (Dir. James Chappell)

The best action-movie fight scenes I’ve seen lately are in this and on the Netflix show Daredevil, neither of which are actual movies.

Snoop Dogg - “So Many Pros” (Official Video)

Snoop Dogg – “So Many Pros” (Dir. François Rousselet)

A celebration of some classic graphic design, and Snoop’s version of the between-the-movies trailers from Grindhouse. The presence of the other Snoop, the one from The Wire, boosts this one’s cool points by at least 25%.

Watch Faith No More Debut “Sol Invictus” & “From The Dead” In Vancouver

Faith No More’s comeback tour rolled into Vancouver last night, and the Canucks were rewarded with the debut of two new songs. “Sol Invictus,” the title track from their new album, is a slow-burner that builds and builds without ever quite boiling over, while “From The Dead” is, surprisingly, a jangly acoustic number. Watch fan-made video of both songs below.

Jay Z - “Glory” (Official Video)

Earlier today Jay Z shared the video for the Blue Ivy-inspired 2012 track “Glory” on his new streaming platform Tidal, and now a version for the non-subscribers among us has surfaced. The clip shows Jay Z rehearsing for his Carnegie Hall performance back in 2012 — Alicia Keys and Nas make cameos. Once again, this isn’t really new content that’s popping up on Tidal but old behind-the-scenes leftovers that have been slightly tweaked to appear exclusive. It’s almost embarrassing. Of course, “Glory,” which samples Keith Murray’s “The Most Beautifullest Thing in This World,” is still a gorgeous, poignant song and fun to watch because a dad publicly proclaiming love for his daughter is the best, most beautiful thing on earth. You can find the clip online now.

Never Young - “Like A Version” (Official Video)

The Bay Area’s Never Young released an unsettling video for the first single off of their recent self-titled EP. “Like A Version” is the kind of post-hardcore song that truly sounds like a successful hybridization of the genre’s original form, appropriated and re-worked into something contemporary. Its video was directed by Armando Armas, and it’s a creepy and intriguing visual interpretation of the song’s aural menace.


John Carpenter - “Night” (Official Video)

John Carpenter is one of the great B-movie directors of all time, so it’s weird to see anyone other than Carpenter himself directing a John Carpenter music video. Nevertheless, it’s happened. Carpenter claims that he’s effectively retired from filmmaking, and earlier this year, he released Lost Themes, a great album full of the sort of pulsating synthetic instrumental music that he often used to score his own movies. Gavin Hignight and Ben Verhuist directed Carpenter’s new video for the track “Night,” paying tribute to the aesthetics of Carpenter’s old films. In the clip, we see Carpenter trying on a virtual reality headset and transforming himself into some sort of masked nightmare warrior, which seems about right. The clip is full of beautiful nighttime cityscape shots, and it serves as an effective pastiche, even if the man himself didn’t do it.

Garbage - “The Chemicals” (Feat. Brian Aubert) Video

Garbage aren’t the most active band these days, but they do make sure to do something new for Record Store Day every year. Two years ago, they enlisted Screaming Females’ Marissa Paternoster to help them cover Patti Smith’s “Because The Night,” and last year they teamed up with Brody Dalle on “Girls Talk.” This time around, they’re going to release a 10″ single of a new song called “The Chemicals,” a streamlined churn that features Silversun Pickups frontman Brian Aubert. Sophie Muller directed the song’s video, an iconic black-and-white collage of teenagers moshing in a basement somewhere.

Emerson Windy - “Come Get It” (Feat. Pusha T & P Money) Video

Emerson Windy is a rapper from Oceanside, California who released the incredulously titled mixtape Herojuana last year. Today, he’s shared a video for “Come And Get It,” one of the tape’s songs; it features Pharrell, P Money, and was co-produced by Timbaland. The video was directed by Yellow Nguyen. It’s about a lot of things, but mostly about loyalty.

Arca - “Sad Bitch” (Official Video)

Arca has shared a video for his Xen track “Sad Bitch,” another in his series of visual collaborations with digital artist Jesse Kanda. It feels like a sister to his evocative “Thievery” video, featuring the same kind of amorphous, shadowy figure dancing in slow motion. This one grows pustules on their back that cascade into little red dots that fill the screen.