Meow The Jewels - “Oh My Darling (Don’t Meow)” Video

Well, Run The Jewels finally did it. They released Meow The Jewels, an entire remix album on which the beats are made up of nothing but cat sounds. And now they’ve made a video for “Oh My Darling Don’t Meow,” Just Blaze’s feline-centric “Oh My Darling Don’t Cry” remix. In the clip, a pair of giant kittens invade New York, shitting on cop cars and shooting lasers from their eyes. Director Hectah keeps everything as ferociously low-tech as possible, and the end result will make you feel good about the world.

Ty Dolla $ign - “When I See Ya” (Feat. Fetty Wap) Video

Two of rap’s most nebulous and prodigious hitmakers team up for a song that’s unfortunately a tepid remake of immediate, emotionless sex. Ty Dolla $ign and Fetty Wap have both made that kind of interaction interesting and even tantalizing in other circumstances, but “When I See Ya” doesn’t do much to push boundaries. At least it’s not “Drop That Kitty.” Anyway, the video itself includes some cool shots of exploded pillows and not-so-subtle dew-drenched flowers. Plus Ty$’s hair is on point, and it still feels good to watch how much fun Fetty has rapping beside a legend. Watch the Elliott Sellers-directed clip.

Los Colognes - “Baby, You Can’t Have Both” (Official Video)

It’s safe to say I’m a Los Colognes fan. We premiered the lead single off the scruffy Nashville band’s second country-surf-rock record Dos, and followed that up with another premiere of “Golden Dragon Hut.” Today Grantland shared the video for the gleeful “Baby, You Can’t Have Both.” The clip is shot like an old-timey sitcom starring the band themselves, and embarks on a journey of corniness and cheese that you absolutely can’t help but love.

Lxury & LA Priest - “Show” (Official Video)

Lxury is a UK dance producer, and LA Priest is the new project from former Late Of The Pier frontman Samuel Eastgate. We’ve been posting tracks from both of them lately, and now they’ve come together to record “Show,” a slinky, bubbly electro-pop track with a slick Eastgate vocal. In the new video, from director Eoin Glaister, the two of them lie down in the grass together, completely unperturbed by the crowd of dogs who comes over to investigate. (Well, almost completely unperturbed. Eastgate does push a spaniel’s ass out of his face at one point, but I’m sure we can all sympathize with that need.)

Eskimeaux - “Broken Necks” (Official Video)

Eskimeaux’s O.K. is a collection of sad songs that sound really happy. “Broken Necks,” save for its uplifting final verse, is probably the track that best represents that divide, and the video for it decides to engage with its whimsy side rather than get into the dark feelings underneath. And it’s a really fun video because of it! Gabrielle Smith starts things off with a breakfast of moving cereal boxes and stop-motion living before venturing out onto the streets and roofs of Brooklyn. Dancing stuffed animals, dancing humans, and backflips follow, and it all wraps up on the beach for the song’s emotional climax. Watch it via NPR .

Powell - “Insomniac” (Official Video)

For the past week, we’ve seen a fun little story unfold, one that involves permanently grumpy noise-rock elder god Steve Albini and his feelings on dance music. Powell, a dance producer from the UK, sampled Albini’s voice in a track called “Insomniac” and emailed Albini to ask for permission. Albini okayed the sample, and he also responded with an eloquent bromide about how much he hates the current form of electronic dance music. After once again clearing it with Albini, Powell used the text of Albini’s email to advertise the song in a London billboard. And while many (including us at Stereogum) thought Powell was mocking Albini, Powell says that Albini was really a huge influence and that this was all done in tribute. Anyway, now we get to hear the song and see the video, which includes the whole email exchange.

You can honestly hear Albini’s influence in “Insomniac,” a sputtering and wriggling seven-minute track that never settles into an easy groove. This is harsh, grating electronic music — the type that Albini might actually like if he gave it a chance. And the video, from director Guy Featherstone, is literally just the emails between Powell and Albini flashing onscreen in white and sickly green, with a strobe effect that might make you sick even if you don’t have epilepsy. (If you do have epilepsy, just don’t watch it.) Check out the video below.

Beliefs - “1992” (Official Video)

Toronto shoegaze duo Beliefs formed after meeting at a party and bonding over a mutual love of My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth, so it sounds about right that their newest song is called “1992.” We premiered “Tidal Wave,” the first track from their upcoming album Leaper, almost a year ago, and “1992” is the record’s second track and lead single. The video, directed by Joe Roth and Ivy Lovell, continues the ’90s aesthetic, featuring various people performing and singing the song, karaoke-style, on staticky home video.

Tyler, The Creator - “BUFFALO” (Official Video)

Tyler, The Creator released his fourth album (or third, depending on whether or not you count Bastard), Cherry Bomb, earlier this year, and just now he’s shared a video for “BUFFALO” and the Roy Ayers-assisted “Find Your Wings.” On “BUFFALO,” Tyler references a few of his many controversies, and the video certainly doesn’t shy away from shocking and potentially offensive imagery. The whole thing starts with Tyler in whiteface, dangling from a noose. Then he breaks free and runs from an angry pitchfork-wielding mob before donning blackface and addressing a crowd from a podium. After that, things take a turn for the weirder, as he appears on a fake ’90s-looking talk show to perform “Find Your Wings” live. Tyler himself directs under the guise of his Wolf Haley alter ego.

Superhumanoids - “Norwegian Black Metal” Video (Feat. Kyle Mooney)

Dancey LA synth-pop trio Superhumanoids released their second full-length, Do You Feel OK?, last month, and today they’re sharing a new video for “Norwegian Black Metal.” Directed by Evan Weinerman (aka Arms Race), it stars SNL’s Kyle Mooney — who just got promoted to the main SNL cast, congrats Kyle! — as a corpsepaint-wearing metalhead giving a raw, emotionally intense performance of the song in a chic Japanese bar. “We love the collision of pop and sadness,” the band told NPR in an email. “And this song is just that. Lyrically it is about longing, curiosity and the ability for the mundane things in life to have the most devastating impact [but] we pair those lyrics with the most straightforward and featherweight sounds on the record. Similarly, the video takes a comedian (and friend) in Kyle and places him in a situation that on paper sounds comical, but in performance is devastatingly sad.”


Daughter - “Doing The Right Thing” (Official Video)

The slow, improbable rise of gorgeous slowcore-folk trio Daughter brings me great pleasure. Elena Tonra is a masterful lyricist and vocalist, but it’s not just her that makes Daughter such a well-balanced, elegant act. Guitarist Igor Haefeli and drummer Remi Aguilella expertly and carefully construct the kind of wounded, dark pop prisms that let Tonra’s voice, and the stories of pain it tells, take front and center. But she’d only have half the impact without the stage they set. Daughter have released several EPs, but only one other full-length, 2013’s If You Leave. Today they announced that their second full record Not To Disappear will be out in January of next year, and shared the first single. It’s called “Doing The Right Thing” and comes accompanied by a weighty video about aging, loneliness, the passage of time, and dry cleaning. The video is the first in a series created by Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard on the effects of dementia, and it hits me where it hurts because my grandfather passed away from that ghastly disease. So I’ll include my own grief warning: Watch below at your own risk of tears. A couple of years ago I described listening to Daughter as something akin to looking at “the world from the perspective of a lost doll.” I think that still rings true, and more than ever in this video.

Here We Go Magic - “Tokyo London US Korea” (Official Video)

Here We Go Magic are putting out a new album, Be Small, in a couple of weeks, their first since 2012’s Nigel Godrich-assisted A Different Ship (although frontman Luke Temple also released a solid solo effort, Good Mood Fool, back in 2013). We’ve already heard the effervescent “Falling” and the sighing “Ordinary Feeling,” and now they’ve shared another track, “Tokyo London US Korea.” The eclecticism and the hyperactivity suggested by that title both make their way into the song itself, a weird, slightly dreamy thing propelled along by jittery hi-hats while pinpricks of guitar and synth dance around the mix. Hear it in the collage-like video below.


Lana Del Rey - “Music To Watch Boys To” (Official Video)

In her great “High By The Beach” video, Lana Del Rey blew up a paparazzi helicopter with a grenade launcher. That’s a hard act to follow. She doesn’t do anything nearly as spectacular in her new video for “Music To Watch Boys To,” another single from her glamorously bored new album Honeymoon. Instead, she and a few of her friends twirl around underwater while the boys of the title appear, anonymous and in silhouette, playing basketball or skateboarding. It’s both a narcotically dreamy video and one that’s steeped in old-Hollywood signifiers, which means it’s very in keeping with the whole LDR aesthetic.

My Morning Jacket - “Compound Fracture” (Official Video)

When most bands release music videos made up of live footage, it’s usually a pretty good sign that they’re near the end of their album-release cycle and that they’re running low on ideas and promo money. But given that the band’s live show is really the main point of My Morning Jacket’s existence, the live video makes more sense for them than it would for most bands. This morning, the band shared director Danny Clinch’s video for “Compound Fracture,” a song from their new album The Waterfall. They taped the video at Colorado’s generally stunning Red Rocks Amphitheatre, the sort of place that MMJ was born to play. And Clinch threw enough psychedelic effects into the video to keep it from getting visually static. 

J Fernandez - “Between The Channels” (Official Video)

J Fernandez makes the sort of hazy, golden-tinged bedroom pop that you either love or hate. I happen to love it, specifically “Between The Channels,” a mumbly, jangly track off his debut album Many Levels Of Laughter. Now, the track has a warped video to go along with the wandering melody.

!!! - “Bam City” (Official Video)

!!! announced the release of their sixth album, As If, all the way back in the middle of the summer, and now the release date is fast approaching: The record comes out in two weeks, and the dance-punk group has just shared another new single, “Bam City,” to join the tracks we’ve already heard (“All U Writers,” “Freedom ’15,” and “Sick Ass Moon“). The bouncy new song comes paired with a video made in the same charmingly homemade way as their recent “Freedom ’15” lyric video. It was shot in band member Dan Gorman’s kitchen while him and frontman Nic Offer goofed off. Even goofier animations were added afterwards. 

Here’s a message about the video from the !!! blog:
Hey out there. Here’s “BAM CITY“, the latest video from the forthcoming ‘AS IF‘. We did it the same way as OUR LAST VIDEO, goofed around on the laptop cam for an hour, this time in Gorman’s kitchen, and then had our friends at Mad Ruffian and our other friend Luke Crotty trip it out with some animation. We did 3 takes this time and I swear Mr. Meow was more excited about dancing in the earlier takes. And the song, well it’s glammy, slammy, and bound to win a Grammy, or 20 (say it with an accent and the rhyme scheme stays intact…. Sammy). Just a taste of the many surprises we have in store for u on ‘As If’. Hope u like and if u don’t I’ll simply just die. Or maybe just keep on like I usually do. K, bye. Xoxoxoxoxo

Disclosure - “Magnets” (Feat. Lorde) Video

Behold the power of a great music video. “Magnets,” the Lorde collab from Disclosure’s Caracal, struck me as another of the album’s disappointing singles at first. But what once felt lifeless and stilted suddenly seems sleek and vibrant accompanied by these visuals, which depict Lorde embarking on a torrid affair with another woman’s man before teaming up with her for some fiery “Two Black Cadillacs”/The Other Woman-style revenge.

Bully - “Too Tough” (Official Video)

When Bully dropped their debut record, Feels Like, back in June, we named it Album Of The Week, and Tom wrote about Alicia Bognanno’s inability to filter her thoughts in any way that would make them more digestible to an offending party. Bully is constantly on the defensive, but Bognanno’s songs have all of the wide, open-hearted spirit of someone willing to give you all of herself if you just let her in. The video for “Too Tough,” which debuted today at NPR, is a stripped-down suburban performance.

Moby & The Void Pacific Choir - “The Light Is Clear In My Eyes” (Official Video)

Moby is up to something. Publicists for the veteran dance-music producer have been sending around a new track called “The Light Is Clear In My Eyes” with basically no information. It’s credited to Moby & The Void Pacific Choir, and it’s merely being accompanied by the photo above and a quote from D.H. Lawrence: “California is a queer place — in a way, it has turned its back on the world, and looks into the void Pacific.” The song is a driving postpunk number, and its video is a VHS pileup of cryptic images. As it turns out, Moby and his Void Pacific Choir also have another new song: “Moonlit Sky,” a collaboration with the German tropical house producer Robin Schulz, which sounds like the synth-rock Moby that we’ve come to know so well in the years since Play. Check out both “The Light Is Clear In My Eyes” and “Moonlit Sky” .

There’s a website for the project here, and it seems likely that we’ll have some idea what’s going on soon enough.