Worriers - “Chasing” (Official Video)

Don Giovanni signees Worriers released their Laura Jane Grace-produced LP, Imaginary Life, earlier this month. The album weaves the personal and the political together into a collection of punk songs that encourage self-reflection but are still hook-heavy and danceable. Before its release, Worriers debuted the video for “Most Space,” in which the band takes an anxiety-ridden ride on the subway. The accompanying visuals to “Chasing” are claustrophobic in a different way. Worriers’ lead singer Lauren Denitzio tries and fails and tries again to find someone to go home with at a house show. Emilyn Brodsky co-stars in the David Combs- and Benjamin Epstein-directed video.

A Pregnant Light - “No Longer N 2 U” (Official Video)

The cheeky title sounds like something better fit for Tumblr (or a Prince record) than a metal album. But check out APL’s NSFW website (it’s a Tumblr) and Master’s always entertaining and often insightful selfie- and emoji-filled Twitter, and you’ll see it’s the self-aware vernacular he’s paired with dark, sexualized imagery and his evolving concept of “purple metal,” a genre tag he coined for APL. The black-and-white Americana-filled video for “No Longer N 2 U,” directed by Steven Paseshnik and Master, feels like an extension of that online APL vibe, spelled out in more than 140 characters for those who haven’t picked up on what Master’s been laying down. Watch.

Alex G - “Bug” (Official Video)

The lo-fi singer-songwriter Alex G is only 22, but he’s already getting ready to release his seventh album Beach Music. He’s not in the video for first single “Bug.” Instead, Micah Van Hove directs a story about a photogenically scuzzy young couple who spend a stoned, romantic afternoon in the sunshine. There’s nothing revolutionary about the clip, but it’s a fine example of the “damn, I wish I was there” school of music video.

Zola Jesus - “Nail” (Official Video)

Zola Jesus is still pumping out videos for songs off her latest album, Taiga (Stream), which came out last October. The last one we got was back in January when “Hunger” was released as a single, and now “Nail” is being given the same treatment. It shares the same shadowy subtlety as the rest of Zola Jesus’ visuals from this era, and was directed by long-time collaborator Jacqueline Castel. Here’s how Castel describes the video in a press release:
The video for ‘Nail’ conceptually explores the dualistic themes of vulnerability and strength, bondage and freedom, death and rebirth in parallel to the lyrical content of the song. “Performing within a custom made sensory deprivation bed built by S&M pioneers Kink Engineering, Nika was sealed between sheets of opaque black latex with a high powered shop vac for each take – a physically aggressive and demanding form of restraint that requires breathing through rubber tubing constructed within the bed. Stripped of the superfluities of the flesh, her performance reveals the surreality of the dehumanized form.

Destroyer - “Times Square” (Official Video)

A day ahead of Poison Season’s release, Destroyer has shared a new video for his latest single “Times Square.” Apparently, there were plans to shoot the whole video in the titular New York City landmark, but it didn’t pan out: “We ended up just wandering around New York til 3am and the city seemed completely dead. We could have been anywhere, really,” director Shayne Ehman explained in a press release. So, instead, they made what you’ll see below: an absurdist stop-motion animated video with more shots of nature than you’d expect for a song about the tourist capital of the world. Here’s some more words from Ehman:
I needed to get outside and shoot in natural light in order to serve as a sort of conduit for those ‘forces of nature in love…’ which seem to rule the song. I let the sun do its thing and let the earth do it’s thing and watched time unfold. I watched the clouds unfold and unpack and packup. I was at their mercy, completely.

Eagles Of Death Metal - “Got A Woman” + “Complexity” Video

It’s been seven damn years since Eagles Of Death Metal, Josh Homme’s Queens Of The Stone Age side-project duo with old co-conspirator Jesse Hughes, last released an album. But this fall, they return with the new LP Zipper Down, and now they’ve got a video for “Complexity,” its fast, rip-snorting riff-rock lead single. If you close your eyes and listen to “Complexity,” you might imagine Camaros doing donuts, but that’s not what Hughes and Homme give you. Instead, it’s a black-and-white piece so arty and dramatically lit that it immediately calls to mind the old SNL sketch “Sprockets.” It’s just Hughes and Homme, arranged in various intense poses, staring at the camera and singing the song, and it’s so minimal that it feels like a plot twist when things turn to color. But it works anyway, because of the contrast between the song and the visuals and because Hughes and Homme have great faces. Meanwhile, Homme also debuted another new EODM song called “Got A Woman” on his Beats 1 Radio show, as Pitchfork reports. To hear it, head over here and skip to the 46:30 mark.

Crown Larks - “Chapel” (Official Video)

On their recent debut Blood Dancer, genre-bending Chicago outfit Crown Larks threw psych-rock, noise music, and free jazz into one album-shaped pot and stirred until the whole thing combusted. “Chapels” is one of the more straightforward tracks — and even that spins out into a demented keyboard boogie towards the end — but now they’ve shared a new video that significantly ups the weirdness factor. The band plays in grotesque masks and costumes while two wraithlike women wander around various landscapes, contorting their bodies inhumanly. I have no idea what any of it means, but you should probably watch.


Darlene Love - “Forbidden Nights” (Feat. Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, Joan Jett & Bill Murray) Video

With producer Phil Spector, the singer Darlene Love made exactly one timeless pop song, 1963’s “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).” She sang the song on Letterman every year for almost 30 years. But mostly, she’s spent the the decades since then working as a backup singer. On the new album Introducing Darlene Love, though, she’ll step back into the spotlight. Longtime E Street Band guitarist Steven Van Zandt produced the album, and people like Bruce Springsteen contributed new songs to it. And as Billboard points out, the video for the single “Forbidden Nights” features Love driving around Asbury Park, New Jersey and encountering people like Springsteen, Van Zandt, Elvis Costello, Joan Jett, Patty Sciafa, Paul Shaffer (with a surfboard!), Bill Murray, and a white-bearded post-retirement Letterman.

A$AP Rocky - “Everyday” (Feat. Rod Stewart, Miguel, & Mark Ronson) Video

The video for A$AP Rocky’s Miguel/Mark Ronson/Rod Stewart collab “Everyday” is billed as A Hip-Hop Hollywood story. It imagines a not-that-outlandish future in which Rocky is old, fat, and famous enough to have a Vegas residency and his very own star on the Walk Of Fame. At the end it transitions to modern day scenes of Ronson in the studio (where else?) and Rocky kicking it with Miguel. Stewart makes a cameo too, but I’m having trouble figuring out how he fits into the narrative. Emmanuel Cossu and Fleur & Manu directed the big-budget At.Long.Last.A$AP clip, which premiered today at Apple Music.

T.I. & Young Thug - “Off-Set” (Official Video)

T.I. and Young Thug are both Atlanta rap stars, but their styles are so radically different that it’s always a nice surprise to hear how strong their on-record chemistry is. The two joined forces, not that long ago for “Off-Set,” a song from the Furious 7 soundtrack. The song banged, but it was totally overshadowed by Wiz Khalifa’s culturally ubiquitous soundtrack contribution “See You Again.” So it’s cool that the song suddenly has a video, one that mixes clips from the (awesome) movie with (also-awesome) footage of Thug and T.I. performing animatedly while standing near expensive cars and flame trails. Let’s all take a moment for how hilarious it is that Vin Diesel’s character Dom Toretto named his desert drag-racing event “Race Wars.”

Low Fat Getting High - “Start All Over Again” (Official Video)

Brooklyn’s Low Fat Getting High have been in and around the scene for awhile now, despite the fact that the band has been splitting time working between the borough and Denver. Their latest self-titled album was released last year, and “Start All Over” again was one of its singles. The band enlisted Stephen Tringali to direct a short film to accompany the song, a cinematographer who’s partially responsible for a number of videos from Low Fat Getting High’s fellow Northeastern DIY veterans Roomrunner, Speedy Ortiz, and Big Ups. In this clip, a serene desert landscape becomes a nightmarish setting for impending apocalyptic events. It’s a fragmented and intriguing narrative that poses more questions than answers.

Django Django - “Pause Repeat” (Official Video)

Django Django have just shared a video for “Pause Repeat,” a track from their recently-released sophomore album Born Under Saturn. The clip was created by bassist Jimmy Nixon with help from director Dan Brereton, who both turned to the literal meaning of the song’s title for inspiration and made a stop-motion animated video using a cellphone. It’s a colorful on.

Potty Mouth - “Cherry Picking” (Official Video)

We named Potty Mouth’s latest single, “Cherry Picking,” one of the best songs of the week at the beginning of the month, and now the Western Mass-based band has presented us with an accompanying video. The Eliel Ford-directed short features members of the band coaxing one of their players out of bed in order to perform a show in their yard. Potty Mouth is an OG Band To Watch, and their new EP was just released independently on their own Planet Whatever label last week.

Watch Taylor Swift Perform With Beck (!) & St. Vincent (!!) In LA

On a huge hit a couple of years ago, Taylor Swift clowned an ex for listening to “some indie record that’s much cooler than mine.” But last night, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Swift repped hard for an indie record. Beck’s new single “Dreams” might be on a major label, but the fact that Swift is into it might be the best evidence yet that she has an inner college-radio dork. And during her show last night, she brought out Beck and St. Vincent to perform the song with her. Swift respects artistry! Swift has a sort of six-degrees-of-separation connection with Annie Clark; she’s friends with the supermodel Cara Delevingne, who’s reportedly dating Clark. And Clark looked like an absolute badass on her stage, busting out a quick guitar solo while pyro showered down behind her. Also, “Dreams” sounded pretty great in an arena-pop context!

The Good Life - “The Troubadour’s Green Room” (Official Video)

Everybody’s Coming Down is the fifth album from Cursive frontman Tim Kasher’s other band the Good Life, but it’s their first in seven years. “The Troubadour’s Green Room” is a wry indie-folker off the record about wonder, expectations and reality, and how they rarely match up. Today they’ve shared a crisp, line-drawn animation by Bryan Brinkman to accompany the song.

Floating Points - “Silhouettes” (Official Video)

UK producer Floating Points has released an epic and elegant video for his new track “Silhouettes,” a selection from his upcoming new album Elaenia. Judging by the extensive credits list over on Youtube, this one was quite the big production, and it shows: The video follows some shimmering lines of light as they meet, form, and ricochet around beautiful shots of nature. “An oscillating stream of light attempts to intrude on an arid natural landscape, abstract light and a living environment merge, reacting to the dynamics of the music,” directors Pablo Barquín and Junior Martínez explain. “The luminous abstract forms are produced by a light painting machine that, frame by frame, draws in a real environment the 3D animated figures.”

A message from the Directors:

An oscillating stream of light attempts to intrude on an arid natural landscape, abstract light and a living environment merge, reacting to the dynamics of the music.

The luminous abstract forms are produced by a light painting machine that, frame by frame, draws in a real environment the 3D animated figures.

This is an experimental video created by Pablo Barquín, Junior Martínez, Nathan Grimes and Anna Diaz Ortuño.

Pablo Barquin // http://www.hamillindustries.com // https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoAF...
Junior Martínez // http://www.juniormartinez.com // http://www.trunk.me.uk/index.php/cate...

Gunplay - “From The Jump” (Feat. Triple C’s) Video

The existence of Gunplay’s hard-as-Gibraltar street-rap album Living Legend still feels somewhat miraculous, so it’s my pleasure to remind you that it exists. The Miami wild man’s video for Triple C’s collaboration “From The Jump” is today’s occasion for such a reminder. It’s your standard trap-house rap video, but the song itself is a thumping, fast-paced adrenaline rush that deserves your attention.

Lil Wayne - “Nothing But Trouble” (Feat. Charlie Puth) Video

A couple of months ago, Lil Wayne shared “Nothing But Trouble,” a song from the soundtrack to the drum machine documentary 808 in which Wayne and the “irredeemably obnoxious” young crooner Charlie Puth warn of the dangers of falling for Instagram models. Now the track has a matching video featuring Wayne, Puth, and a bunch of sexy bikini-clad babes who turn out to be literally two-dimensional cardboard cutouts. The clip debuted on Apple Music, and you can watch it below.