Ryan Adams - “My Wrecking Ball” (Official Video)

Ryan Adams’ new self-titled LP is one of the best things he’s ever released, and one of my favorite albums of the year, and even though its singles are really goddamn good, there are at least four songs on this thing that are better still. Hell, two of the three songs off the Jacksonville EP that dropped yesterday might be better than the two singles he’s thus far released from Ryan Adams. Again, not a dig at those singles! When I wrote up the album’s first single, “Gimme Something Good,” I called it “a total knockout”! Today, Adams releases a video for the album’s second single, “My Wrecking Ball,” which, I mean, is an incredibly beautiful, powerful piece of music. It brings me to the verge of tears almost every time. If this were the best song on Ryan Adams, the album would still probably be amazing and essential. But it’s so much better than that. 

Mazes - “Salford” (Official Video)

When Mazes released “Salford” from their new album Wooden Aquarium last month, we praised its plucky, energetic approach to jittery boy-girl sing-song. You’d think that would be a youthful trait — and Mazes are young folks, after all — but the video features a decidedly older contingent. It’s set in a pub where the walls are decked out with soccer memorabilia and classic rock posters, the clientele is uniformly middle-aged, and the band on stage is known to rock out like they’re headlining Glastonbury. Also, certain people in the clip have very strange mouths. It’s a fun little scene, and the song remains impressive, so press play.


Interpol - “Twice As Hard” Video (Dir. Paul Banks)

The latest video from Interpol’s El Pintor is directed by frontman Paul Banks himself. Banks uses the slow, dramatic head-bob “Twice As Hard” to soundtrack scenes of real-life boxers training at a New York gym called Mendez Boxing. Like the song itself, the video takes an effective idea and repeats it ad infinitum.

Director: Paul Banks
DP: Carlos Veron
Producer: Carlos Puga
Colorist: Damien Van Der Cruyssen

Special Thanks To:
Francisco Mendez and Mendez Boxing

And To The Fighters:
Jill Bliss
Lonnie Bradley
Akil Frederick
Ronica Jeffrey
Livingstone Joseph
Carson Joseph
Jason Lee
Gledwin Ortiz
Sebastian Rivas
Edgar Santana
Melissa St-Vil
Welley Wallo
Sebastian Rivas
Jill Bliss

M83 - “In The Cold I’m Standing” (Official Video)

The “In The Cold I’m Standing” video complements the ambient song and consists of a presumably naked man and woman moving in almost painfully slow-motion. In separate frames, he exhales smoke and she inhales — the action links the two, despite them not physically being in the same shot. Eventually they are side by side and inching toward a deeply intimate kiss, which is interrupted by a digital hawk flying through curls of smoke. The video reflects the contents of M83′s music — about young people in love and expressing said love … in this case, their slow-moving, smoky, naked (but SFW) love.

Rick Ross - “Elvis Presley Blvd.” (Feat. Project Pat) Video

Rick Ross already released one album this year, the orchestrally grandiose Mastermind, and now he’s planning on following it up with a new album called Hood Billionaire before the end of 2014. First single “Elvis Presley Blvd.” works as an extended homage to Memphis rap and features a verse from Memphis original Project Pat, who should really guest on every rap song. It’s an impressively guttural track, harder and more immediate than almost anything on Mastermind. And its new video, from frequent Ross collaborator DRE Films, is nearly as tough. It has Ross kicking around Memphis and hanging out with a bank-robbing Elvis impersonator, which seems like the thing to do when you’re in Memphis.

Preview New Weezer Song “The British Are Coming”

Sometime between the release of the teaser video for “Lonely Girl” and the release of this teaser, for “The British Are Coming,” I got my hands on an advance of the new Weezer LP, Everything Will Be Alright In The End. And while your mileage will surely vary, I’m all-in on the thing: IMO this is pretty easily the best Weezer record since Pinkerton. You hear almost none of “The British Are Coming” in this clip, but I will tell you this much: That title isn’t a misdirect; it’s a song about Paul Revere’s ride and the Revolutionary War. You don’t hear enough here to get an idea what it sounds like, so I’ll tell you this much, too: It’s a fucking great song, one of the LP’s best. What you see in this teaser won’t convince you of that, but you should check it out just the same.

Danny Brown - “Smokin’ & Drinkin’” (Official Video)

Danny Brown’s A-Trak-produced “Smokin’ & Drinkin’” is maybe the most raucous party song on the phenomenal 2013 LP Old, an album with a back half that’s practically nothing but raucous party songs. And the clip’s new video finds him in full hedonist mode, throwing back beverages at a house party filled with people who look very, very wasted. Alan Del Rio Ortiz directed the video, and the best thing about it is probably Brown’s Dead Boys T-shirt, which conclusively proves that Danny Brown is more punk than anyone you know.

Basement Jaxx - “We Are Not Alone” (Official Video)

People don’t really think of the British dance duo Basement Jaxx as a live act, but if you’ve ever seen the group’s live show, with its singers and costumes and general wild-out carnival air, you know it’s something special. The group’s new video for “We Are Not Alone,” a track from their new album Junto, intercuts footage of that live show with images taken from a space shuttle mission. That might slightly be overstating what an achievement their show is, but if you don’t brag, who’s going to notice? Cyrill Oberholzer directed the clip, which follows videos for Junto tracks “Unicorn,” “Sereia De Bahia,” “Never Say Never,” and “Galactical.”

Team Spirit - “Surrender” (Official Video)

In their consistently fun videos, Team Spirit have gone to hell and back, and in this new one they once again meet the devil. Of course he looks different than the animated Satan from the last video, but then again, they all do. That’s because, for this Alex Russek-directed clip, Team Spirit worked with Andrea Gilletti to create puppet versions of the band to tell their story. Here they ponder how to become successful, before Satan shows up and offers some surprisingly friendly mentor-like advice.

Christopher Owens - “Never Wanna See That Look Again” (Official Video)

Christopher Owens starts out his new video for “Never Wanna See That Look Again” wearing a cowboy hat and silhouetted in front of a prairie sunset. But it’s almost immediately that Owens isn’t in some Old West desert. Instead, he’s in a TV studio, with a guitarist, wearing very-tight clothes and posing in front of a cheap backdrop. In the video, we see Owens performing hard, falling to his knees and crawling across the floor while singing the upbeat, countrified song. Aaron Brown of Focus Creeps directed the video, which follows Owens’ “Nothing More Than Everything To Me” clip as the second one from the former Girls frontman’s solo album A New Testament.


King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - “Cellophane” 3D Video

The Melbourne psych-rock band King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard recently released “Cellophane” from their upcoming album I’m In Your Mind Fuzz, and now they’ve released a 3D music video for the song, directed by Jason Galea. This isn’t the RealD Avatar nonsense you get in the movie theaters these days either; it’s good old-fashioned red/blue 3D (hey, if it was good enough for Friday The 13th III and Nightmare On Elm Street VI it’s good enough for you), so if you have a pair of those that you can fish out, you should do so before viewing. If you can’t find them, don’t worry — the video is still plenty of fun without.

Yacht Club - “Cold Wind From Fools?” (Official Video)

Yacht Club is a band featuring Ben Cook of Fucked Up who play music that sounds almost nothing like Fucked Up. It sounds like what you’d expect from a band called Yacht Club, actually, and their recent song “Cold Wind From Fools?” is a breezy serving of smooth rock. It now has an equally pleasant video that features dogs, sunsets, and shots of the beach. It’s all just slightly faded and warped, however. Appropriately the band’s Burnt Cream EP — from which this song is culled — is available on cassette and VHS tape.

Hiss Golden Messenger - “Mahogany Dread” (Official Video)

Last week, Hiss Golden Messenger released the beautiful amber-hued roots-rock LP Lateness Of Dancers, and we made it our Album Of The Week. The LP track “Mahogany Dread” is a sort of anthem about setting down and being a grown-up. In director Dan Huiting’s lovely new video for the song, the camera rolls over Southeastern landscapes, and we see M.C. Taylor, the man behind Hiss Golden Messenger, lamping through fields with his wife and kids.

Angel Olsen - “All Right Now” + “High & Wild” Video

I have to believe Angel Olsen could do a killer cover of “All Right Now,” Free’s 1970 classic rock staple. But “All Right Now,” one of five bonus tracks on the deluxe version of Olsen’s awesome Album Of The Week-winning Burn Your Fire For No Witness, is an original. Although Olsen started rocking out on this record, “All Right Now” is a callback to the hushed, smoldering intimacy of her early work, and it’s a gorgeous thing to behold. She also shared a self-made video for Burn Your Fire track “High & Wild,” one of those on-the-road travelogue montages that’s probably full of lots of inside jokes. Watch that on Vimeo, and hear “All Right Now”.

Holly Herndon - “Home” (Official Video)

The glitched-out composer Holly Herndon is onscreen in pretty much every frame of the new video for her busy, disorienting song “Home.” But in the clip, the Dutch design studio Metahaven, who directed the video, often hide Herdon’s face behind microphones or computer graphics or, more frequently, the icons of the National Security Agency. The song, in fact, is Herndon’s song to the NSA agent who she imagines is watching her, and the combination of song and video makes for a serious sensory overload.

Kevin Morby - “All Of My Life” (Official Video)

Today, former Woods and the Barbies member Kevin Morby releases the video for “All Of My Life,” off his forthcoming second solo album, Still Life. The video is a simple, haphazardly retro scene of a live performance on a low-budget TV set, which is actually no more than a backdrop built in a cluttered backyard. It opens with a cowboy hat-sporting announcer introducing Morby to a crowd that is never seen, and the bulk of the video is made up of slow-pans of Morby singing in front of a glittering background, and his drummer looking off lackadaisically into the distance while playing a damaged drum set. The video matches the folksy vibe of the song.

Robert Scott - “Vertigo” (Official Video)

Robert Scott logged time in two of New Zealand’s greatest, most influential bands, the Bats and the Clean. He just released a new solo album called The Green House, and today he unveils the colorful cartoon video for “Vertigo,” one of the intimate album’s most upbeat tracks. Director Katie Brockie’s highly entertaining clip tracks the fearful exploits of three wide-eyed characters in what appears to be a mountainous, monster-infested ice world. Max Howard-Martens did some wonderful animation here, and Scott’s song is maximal power-pop done right.


Pixies - “Ring The Bell” (Official Video) + Stream Pixies Indie Cindy

Earlier this year, the Pixies released their divisive new collection Indie Cindy and have been putting out music videos intermittently since the their first reunion EP. The latest is for “Ring The Bell” and it was directed by Lital Mizel and Adi Frimmerman, two Pixies fans who recorded a viral video of themselves lip-synching to “Hey” back in 2005. The band met the women at a show in Israel and let them direct and star in their newest music video. The clip for “Ring The Bell” sees them dumpster-diving and hanging out in graffiti-filled abandoned buildings before ending up at a circus-like party in a forest.