The New Pornographers - "Dancehall Domine" (Official Video)

The New Pornographers have shared a new video for "Dancehall Dominae", from their recent album Brill Bruisers. The video was made by Leblanc + Cudmore, and shows the band performing in a handful of settings, from psychedelic soundstages to black-and-white talk shows. At one point, the viewer is prompted to put on 3-D glasses. Of the video, Scott Cudmore said:
Sometimes I like watching the b-roll or behind the scenes or outtakes on DVDs and blu-rays…"Dancehall Domine" is meant to feel like a whole bunch of those clips sort of strung together as if they’re taken from some fucked up Italian or French musical maybe. Or a bunch of fragments from films like that—thrillers, bad romances, in one case we’re clearly referencing Clouzot’s famous L’enfer tests. We even have the man himself in there!

Made by Leblanc + Cudmore (video credits below)

Video credits:
Made by Leblanc + Cudmore
Produced by Jennifer Millington
Written & edited by Scott Cudmore
Photographed by Michael Leblanc
Art direction by Katherine Salnek
Makeup by Caitlin Wright
Wardrobe Styling by Muska Zurmati
Post FX by Hardave Grewal
3D by Adam Hunt
Production company: Revolver Films

Bass Drum of Death - "Left For Dead" (Official Video) (NSFW)

Bass Drum Of Death’s badass video for “Left For Dead” is a raunchy affair that gradually turns into a nightmare. It starts off with a lot of touching and sexy girls walking around with eyepatches and riding motorcycles, which transforms into people aiming guns at each other and screaming and getting knocked out. It’s a wild ride, and also a total blast to watch,


Rancid - “Collision Course,” “Honor Is All We Know” & “Evil’s My Friend” Video

Bay Area punk greats Rancid, my favorite band of all time, are back with a new album called Honor Is All We Know in one month’s time. The album is their first in six years; it follows 2008′s underrated “Let The Dominoes Fall.” And since it’s been so long, they’ve shared an in-studio video of the band playing three songs from the album. “Collision Course” is a full-bore sprint of a song. “Honor Is All We Know” is a melodic gang-chant singalong. And “Evil’s My Friend” ridiculously catchy ska.

Dean Blunt - “Trident” (Official Video)

The alluring “50 Cent” was the most recent single from Dean Blunt’s upcoming Black Metal, and before the album’s November release date Blunt will issue a 12″ “50 Cent” single in October. Today Blunt unveiled the video for that single’s B-side, the eerie non-album track “Trident.” After a lengthy instrumental intro that matches frigid synth drones with warm guitar noodling, the song veers into dark territory reminiscent of the second half of Talking Heads’ Remain In Light, refracted through the lens of bizarre outsider hip-hop. The video is essentially footage from a crime scene until the song proper starts, at which point it kind of ceases to be a video. The experience will leave you feeling like you’re trapped in some extremely ominous 1980s true-crime television programming.

Joey Bada$$ - “Christ Conscious” (Official Video)

Although it feels like he’s been around forever, the one-time teenage rap prodigy Joey Bada$$ (who’s still a teenager, BTW) has yet to release an official debut album. That record, the cleverly titled B4.DA.$$ (“before the money,” get it?) is allegedly on its way this fall, and its lead single is called “Christ Conscious.” It’s pretty good! The song finds Joey having fun ad-libbing and unfurling grimey bars about how he won’t stop until he reaches “Christ conscious,” which is either some kind of enlightened state or god-level rap skills — I’m not exactly sure. Either way, the clip ends with Joey ascending into outer space.

Cloud Nothings - “Now Hear In” (Official Video)

Cloud Nothings released a new album, Here And Nowhere Else, earlier this year, and gave us some great videos for “I’m Not Part Of Me” and “Psychic Trauma.” They’re back with a new one for “Now Hear In,” which was directed by Carpark labelmate Toro Y Moi’s touring guitarist Jordan Blackmon. The video is shot in fuzzy black-and-white VHS style and follows Toro Y Moi bassist Patrick Jeffords as he travels around various scenic California locales while wearing a paper mache mask.

Chromeo - "Old 45's" (Official Video)

In the seriously awesome video for White Women jam “Old 45′s,” Chromeo flirt with a sexy brunette and kick it with HAIM at an old-fashioned dive bar before Jon Heder shows up — apparently in character as an aged Napoleon Dynamite — to start a bar fight. It’s just as much fun as you’d think, and the song is yet another reminder that Chromeo are firing on all cylinders right now. Watch the Dugan O’Neal-directed clip.

Pharrell - “It Girl” (Official Video)

The famous Japanese pop artist Takashi Murakami produced Pharrell’s video for “It Girl,” the bubblefunk groove that ends his G I R L album, but you would probably know that even if it wasn’t right there in the credits. The whole thing screams Murakami: the colors, the overstimulating image-barrage, the visual anime and video-game quotes, the generally pervy undertones. Fantasista Utamaro directed the video, in which a vision of Pharrell appears to a crew of anime schoolgirls, and then they all take off in a whale-shaped spaceship. Or something. It’s a thing to behold, anyway.

Arca - “Thievery” Video (NSFW)

Arca’s new video for “Thievery” is an astounding piece of work, and it effectively does for twerking what Aphex Twin’s “Windowlicker” did for late-’90s rap-video excess. “Thievery” was already a dangerous song, a streaked and ominous twist on current EDM trends; it’s the first single from the avant-dance producer’s forthcoming full-length debut Xen. And the clip, from FKA twigs collaborator Jesse Kanda, is a single shot of a naked CGI woman doing ass-clapping dances. There’s nothing sexual about the video, though. The woman is bald, with an immobile death mask for a face, and the lighting is that sickly sci-fi green. The video is mesmerizing in an extremely disquieting way. It’s one of those rare occasions when you can tell a video is an absolute classic the first time you watch it.

Watch Aretha Franklin Cover Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” On Letterman

Aretha Franklin was the guest on last night’s David Letterman, where she performed her cover of Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” that was released yesterday (which also contains a bit of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough). For the performance, she was joined by a choir and a decent-sized backing band. She also did an interview with Letterman after singing, where she talked about not getting to be on The Ed Sullivan Show, her new Diva Classics album, and how her father helped start her career.

TV On The Radio - “Happy Idiot” Video (Feat. Paul Reubens)

At this point, Funny Or Die is debuting music videos that aren’t even trying to be funny — and that’s fine, as long as they’re good videos. TV On The Radio’s new one for “Happy Idiot,” the first single from their much-anticipated new album Seeds, is a good one. The clip stars Paul Reubens, better known to the entire civilized world as Pee-Wee Herman, as a race car driver who sees visions while practicing his craft on an abandoned desert raceway. The Doctor Who/Guardians Of The Galaxy actress Karen Gillan appears as an apparition that appears to Reubens, and the band are in there, too, as white-suited phantoms. Danny Jelinek directed the video, and onetime cable-access phenom Jake Fogelnest wrote it. Below, watch the video and read some words about it from TVOTR frontman Tunde Adebimpe.

Adebimpe writes:
I had this idea for the video that I thought would never happen, of Paul Reubens as a race car driver who slowly loses his mind. I took it to Funny or Die and they said, “That’s great, let’s go for that.”
I got to speak with him over the phone about doing it and, in between being blindingly nervous that I was actually talking to an actor who had shaped a LOT of my world view and trying not to freak him out by saying so, he mentioned that he’s been a fan of the band for awhile. He liked the idea, and, somehow, here we are with Paul as a race car driver losing his mind.
Karen Gillan was absolutely great. We were really psyched to work with her, because she’s basically sci-fi royalty, and a great person. Full on geek fest in the desert.
It was really fun to do, love how it came out. I think our fans will like it. I hope so. The cool ones will anyway. The rest can suck it. I don’t exactly know what “it” is. But they can find it. And they can suck it.
(via Pitchfork)

Sam Smith - “Restart” (Official Video)

Sam Smith has released a video for In The Lonely Hour track “Restart.” It’s comprised of grainy shots of him on his tour bus, goofing off behind the scenes, and going to the beach. It runs the gamut of experiences in Smith’s whirlwind year-long rise to fame, including scenes of him picking up his own CD at a store and performing in front of thousands at festivals.

Tinashe - “Pretend” (Feat. A$AP Rocky) Video

Tinashe’s already given us enough today by releasing the fantastic Dev Hynes collaboration “Bet” earlier, but she’s also decided to drop a video for “Pretend,” her song with A$AP Rocky. The video features both artists giving each other deep, longing stares as they navigate their relationship with one another, and provides some breath-taking sweeping landscapes.

Grubs - “Dec 15th” (Official Video)

Grubs are a quasi-supergroup comprised of members of UK bands Joanna Gruesome, Trust Fund, King Of Cats, and Two White Cranes. Earlier this year, they released the ultimate bop in the form of “Dec 15th,” a beachy and carefree track with a cynical undertone, and they have some new visuals to go along with it. Directed by fellow UK musician Joey Fourr, the video sees the band chowing down on some hamburgers and getting their grub on (get it!?). It’s a whole lot of fun, as is the song, and you can watch.

Lakutis - “Body Scream” (Official Video)

Art-rapper Lakutis just dropped a video for “Body Scream,” a track that he dropped last year and that showed up on his debut mixtape, 3 Seashells. The clip, directed by Adam Besheer, sees the rapper chilling in a bathtub in his underwear in the middle of a field of grass. That’s intercut with shots of him looking the camera straight-on, telling you that he can “make your body scream.” The whole thing takes a morbid turn at the end when the bathtub he’s laying in starts to fill up with blood.

Erlend Øye - “Rainman” (Official Video)

Erlend Øye has released a video for “Rainman,” off the upcoming album Legao. This is Øye’s first solo project since 2003′s Unrest. (He was supposed to release an all-Italian album called La Prima Estate in 2013, but that one seemingly never appeared.) His recent music was made with the still-touring Kings Of Convenience and the now-broken-up the Whitest Boy Alive. Much like his work with those acts, Øye’s solo stuff is acoustic indie-folk, appropriately complemented here by Cara Cebrian’s minimalist clip. The video animates the song through perpetually mobile illustrations, all tied together by images of a cartoon Øye dancing in funky shirts.


Haley Bonar - “From A Cage” (Feat. Justin Vernon) Video

“From A Cage” is one of the songs on Haley Bonar’s new Last War that features Justin Vernon as a guest vocalist. It’s a simple, beautiful song, and now it has an equally simple, beautiful video. It’s not conceptually simple, though: The clip cuts between Bonar delivering a haunting performance in the woods and scenes of an innocent young lady rapidly growing up in a rowboat. Eventually the two storylines merge, and while I haven’t quite pieced together the narrative, I can’t stop watching the thing.

YG - “Do It To Ya” (Feat. TeeFLii) Video

The Compton rapper YG released his debut album My Krazy Life way the hell back in March, and it’s still the best rap full-length of 2014, at least until RTJ2 comes out. The videos for My Krazy Life singles like “Who Do You Love” and “Left, Right” have been sunny throwbacks to the early-’90s era of West Coast rap videos, all lowriders and barbecues and golden-hour sunlight. The new video for “Do It To Ya,” a collaboration with the R&B singer and fellow DJ Mustard protégé TeeFLii, takes that aesthetic even further, filming its raucous pool party in smeary VHS-quality images.