Screaming Females - “Ripe” Live Video (Dir. Lance Bangs)

New Jersey punks Screaming Females will unleash Rose Mountain early next year, a record that’s bound to be a total shit-kicker. We’ve already heard the single “Ripe,” and today the band shared a live performance of the song. Lance Bangs has directed an impressive roster of videos, the most recent of which was for Kim Deal’s new track “Biker Gone,” and he helmed the forthcoming Slint documentary Breadcrumb Trail. This is a high-contrast, stark video — the carefully coordinated cinematography rubs up against Screaming Females’ purposefully raw sound. Although the audio was professionally recorded, the band chose to not overdub it, maintaining some auditory semblance to a live performance. Maybe it always looks this way, but Marissa Paternoster’s guitar appears to be speckled with blood as she tears through the song’s absurdly awesome inaugural riff.

Future Brown - “Vernáculo” (Feat. Maluca) Video

Future Brown have followed up their magnificent “Talkin Bandz” with “Vernáculo,” another track from their recently announced debut album. The song is another genre-bending take from the production enclave and features NYC-based singer Maluca. It’s accompanied by a video that premiered at Art Basel earlier this month that serves as an indictment of the beauty industry. “Appropriating the advertising language of global beauty brands like L’Oreal and Revlon, ’Vernaculo’ is an exercise in capitalist surrealism,” the Perez Art Museum Miami explains. You can watch the video at their website.

Chumped - “December Is The Longest Month” (Official Video)

Brooklyn-based Band To Watch Chumped found their way into our hearts throughout 2014 by taking the risk to be explicit, and we named their debut album Teenage Retirement one of the best of this year. There’s a lot of complexity to be found on Teenage Retirement, but all of that complexity has nothing to do with challenging songwriting, and everything to do with the fact that relationships, friendships, and existence are all dauntingly difficult when you’re a young person living in the often very cold emotional vortex of New York City. So it comes as no surprise that Chumped would release a narrative video for “December Is The Longest Month,” the leading track off of Teenage Retirement. The video, directed by Andy Mendez, chronicles the aftermath of a party: We witness our protagonist attempting to fix a very broken, very sad snowglobe as she is hounded by flashbacks of the night before. There’s a lot of betrayal and heartbreak, but none of the situation seems all too tragic unless you’ve ever been in the midst of it. Watch the video at EW.

Pelican - “Deny The Absolute” (Official Video)

Chicago instrumental metal masters Pelican will play around with vocals on The Cliff, the new EP they’ll release early next year. Before they get to that, though, they’ve shared a video for “Deny The Absolute,” a rumbling six-minute jam from their 2013 album Forever Becoming. Kenneth Thomas directed the video, combining black-and-white live and behind-the-scenes footage from the band’s recent West Coast tour and combining it with ominous, atmospheric shots of roads and taxidermied animals.

St. Vincent - “Birth In Reverse” (Official Video)

St. Vincent has shared a video for “Birth In Reverse,” a track off of her self-titled record from earlier this year. Annie Clark has had a fantastic year, and she stands preternaturally tall in the video, acting as de facto goddess ruling over the whole world and taking her insane guitar-playing skills up into a starry galaxy. The video, directed by Willo Perron, is intercut with some Terrence Malick-esque shots of the sky and also sees Clark in a confined graph paper-style room. It’s gorgeous.

Laura Marling - "Short Movie" (Official Video)

‘Short Movie’ – the new album from Laura Marling.

In 2013, the British folk singer Laura Marling released Once I Was An Eagle, one of those albums that sneaks up on you, where you might not realize how good it is until it’s been in your life for a few months. Early next year, she’ll follow that one with a new album called Short Movie. The album’s title track, which Marling just shared, is a pretty great hard-driving indie-folk song with a confident build to it. The song comes packaged with a pretty Art & Graft-directed animated video about a horse running across the desert.

Google - Year in Search 2014

In 2014 we searched trillions of times. What do these searches say about us? Explore the Year in Search http://www.google.com/2014 and follow the conversation on #YearInSearch

Pond - “Sitting Up On Our Crane” (Official Video)

Tame Impala offshoot Pond are releasing their sophomore record, Man It Feels Like Space Again, at the beginning of next year, and they’ve just shared a video for a new track from it called “Sitting Up On Our Crane.” The video follows a 3D figure as he dangles off the edge of a crane and eventually falls into a psychedelic vortex before landing in a digitized Pangea. The track mimics the uneasiness songwriter Jay Watson would get when visiting empty construction sites during his youth: “We’d sit at the top and I’d always be afraid that we were gonna fall off, kill ourselves. That’s what the song is about. Kind of an anxiety power ballad,” he explained. The video was directed by Alejandro Miguel Justino Crawford.

Tink - “Around The Clock” (Official Video)

Tink is poised to become rap’s next big thing, especially now that Timbaland has taken her under his wing. But if “Around The Clock” proves anything, it’s that she doesn’t need anyone’s help. “I never heard the word declined/ All I think about is time, I need it ’round the clock,” she spits on the hook surrounded by sardonic putdowns like “Nothin’ I hate more than a nigga with bitch tendencies/ That’s like 99% of y’all” and “Tell them broke boys get the fuck from around me.” The video is shadowy and hypnotic, and Timbaland hangs around in the background showing off his find. Charlamagne Tha God provides some spoken word background to set the scene. “Tim dropped the beat in the studio and it instantly gave me a hip-hop vibe,” Tink told FADER. “I wanted the video to match that same feeling. Raw and simple.”

Watch Alt-J Perform “Every Other Freckle” and “Left Hand Free” On Kimmel

 “Every Other Freckle”

Alt-rockers Alt-J released their sophomore album, This Is All Yours, a few months back, and they made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last night to perform two tracks from it. They did “Every Other Freckle” and “Left Hand Free” on Kimmel’s massive outdoor stage.

“Left Hand Free”:

Rae Sremmurd - “Up Like Trump” (Official Video)

The Kriss Kross-looking Mississippi rap kids in Rae Sremmurd are the young kings of naggingly catchy club-rap, and the second the nunchucks show up in their new “Up Like Trump” video, you know you’re in for a pretty good time. Rae Sremmurd are going to release their Sremm Life debut on the first Tuesday of the New Year, and they’ve followed up their Nicki Minaj/Young Thug collab “Throw Sum Mo” with a clip in which the two young men take on New York City. They hang out with models and Mike Will Made-It and a guy dressed like Batman. They (clumsily) swing the aforementioned nunchucks. They do choreographed dance moves. The rap universe is richer for having these kids in it, and you can watch their video.

YG - “2015 Flow” (Official Video) + Stream YG Blame It On The Streets EP

YG released “2015 Flow,” from the soundtrack to his short film Blame It On The Streets, just in time to protest egregious Grammy snubs for himself and close collaborator DJ Mustard. Now the song has an extremely compelling video that matches Mustard’s ominous minimal production, amplifying the song’s power on the strength of YG’s gripping charisma alone. Watch, and look out for Mustard’s cameo at the end.

Ghostface Killah - “Love Don’t Live Here No More” Video (Feat. Michael K. Williams)

About a week ago, Ghostface Killah released a new album called 36 Seasons, a narrative rap-opera piece about a masked vigilante out for revenge. At the beginning of the story, on the song “Love Don’t Live Here No More,” Ghostface’s character returns to his neighborhood after nine years and tries to pick back up with his old girlfriend. In the song’s new video, Michael K. Williams, most famous for playing Omar on The Wire, plays the lead, acting out Ghost’s scenario and making it look creepier than it sounded on-record. (He also has the most violent day in the recent history of beautiful Park Slope, Brooklyn, where this sort of public beatdown no longer occurs often.) Ghostface himself is in the video, too, but he’s not playing his own character; he’s just saying hi to Williams and reading an old Iron Man book. Dan The Man directed the video.

Skrillex - “Dirty Vibe” Video (Feat. Diplo, G-Dragon & CL)

Before Diplo and Skrillex got together to form their new duo Jack Ü, they collaborated on “Dirty Vibe,” a track from Skrillex’s 2014 album Recess. The song also features the K-Pop stars G-Dragon (of BigBang) and CL (of 2NE1), two people who have way more batshit charisma than just about anyone in Western pop music. The new “Dirty Vibe” video pretty much works as a showcase for G-Dragon and CL, both of whom wear insane clothes and pose and preen in various unlikely settings. There’s also a painted-black dancer dressed as a devil. I’m not sure it’s quite as eyeball-exploding as Skrillex’s Nabil-directed “Fuck That” video, but it’s well worth a look regardless.

Pusha T - “Lunch Money” (Official Video)

Last month, we heard “Lunch Money,” Pusha T’s dizzying new Kanye West-produced track, which may be the first single from Pusha’s forthcoming album King Push. Today, we get the video, a weird and absorbing rap-video take on the found-footage horror movie. Pusha mean-mugs ferociously while some truly insane-looking street dancers do unnatural things with their bodies. The video, which Emil Nava directed, looks like nothing else.


Basement Jaxx - “Rock This Road” (Feat. Shakka) Video

It’s been a long time since they made anything as inspired as “Where’s Your Head At,” but British dance duo Basement Jaxx basically never make bad videos. Everything they do is, at the very least, pretty entertaining, and their new clip for “Rock This Road,” a track with London singer Shakka from the group’s new Junto album, serves as a good example. In the video, Shakka plays an interstellar dance overlord who travels to earth to harvest humanity’s dance energies. The alien dancers, it turns out, are way, way better dancers than the clumsy and uninspired humans. In the admittedly limited category of Basement Jaxx videos about earth’s dance-energy crisis, this is right up there with “Never Say Never.”

Panda Bear - “Boys Latin” (Official Video)

Panda Bear premiered a video for a new Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper track called “Boys Latin” on Adult Swim early this morning. The animated video follows around a lanky boy as he explores a shimmering swampy landscape and interacts with a magical plant that causes him to grow some colorful appendages. He meets up with a few other boys who follow him along on his journey. The song gets its name from a high-class Catholic prep school located in Baltimore. The visuals were directed by Isaiah Saxon and Sean Hellfritsch from Encyclopedia Pictura, who have also worked on videos from Björk, Grizzly Bear, and Metronomy in the past.

Watch Bob Dylan Play A Show For One Guy

Last month, we found out that Bob Dylan had played a show in Philadelphia for just one person as part of the Swedish film series Experiment Ensam, which sets people up in situations alone that they would normally experience with a crowd. The lucky attendee was Swedish superfan Fredik Wikingsson, who had seen Dylan play live 20 times before. The concert took place at Philadelphia’s Academy Of Music and Dylan and his band played four songs. “I’ve been smiling the whole time,” Wikingsson said after the show. “My cheeks are exhausted. I feel like a kid. It was a perfect moment.” The whole segment has made its way online, and you can watch it below.