The Gaslight Anthem - “Get Hurt” (Official Video)

Jersey rockers the Gaslight Anthem will release their new album Get Hurt next month, and the album’s title track, which we posted a little while back, is a surprisingly Killers-esque turn for a band who used to occupy the middle ground between Bruce Springsteen and Social Distortion. The song’s brand-new video takes place in one of those run-down dive bars where all the half-asleep drunks get up and start interpretive dancing as soon as the chorus kicks in. It ends, as it must, with a pretty lady collapsing into feathers. It’s pretty silly!

The Drums - “Magic Mountain” (Official Video)

Last week, the Drums released “Magic Mountain,” their first song in two years, and now they’ve shared a video to go along with it. Stylishly directed by the band members themselves and filmed in black and white by Gorjan Lauseger, the video sees the boys standing sullenly in the woods, dressed in armor and with a sword, presumably on their way to go to some sort of “magic mountain” and maybe fight a dragon or something. The video also inexplicably contains a dedication to late actress Elizabeth Taylor.

Chelsea Wolfe - “The Waves Have Come” (Official Video)

In February, Chelsea Wolfe teased an hourlong film called Lone with a clip for the song “Feral Love” off her 2013 album Pain Is Beauty. The film is directed by Mark Pellington, who is also responsible for Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy” video and the movies Arlington Road and The Mothman Prophecies. Now, Wolfe has shared another clip from the film featuring the song “The Waves Have Come” and it’s just as beautiful and unsettling as the first. 

Statement via V Magazine:
Most of this video is footage from the first time Mark and I shot together — he had built this dark room full of green ivy and it was just me, the dress from the album cover, a few lights, and him. It was the first time I realized what a director really is. Suddenly he was shouting, guiding me with instructions, emotions, telling me to act as if everything I was singing about — disaster and the loss of life and love — that it was all inside of me and at the same time to act as an observer of these things. He cut it together with found footage of families, intense nature and destruction and created this cathartic journey through it all.
The whole movie is available now on USB and will be released digitally in the fall.

Museum Mouth - “Just Friends” (Official Video)

Earlier this year, North Carolina’s Museum Mouth put out Alex I Am Nothing, a blustering and smart concept album about an unrequited and obsessive crush. And much like a crush, the album becomes more and more appealing as you turn it over in your head. “Just Friends” is one of the many highlights, a sludgy punk plea for attention. The video for the song is one of the most subtly weird things you’ll see all year. Grainy video is superimposed with a creepy, big-lipped creature with a wide-eyed, terrified stare that looks close to how I imagine myself when trying to approach someone I like for the first time.

Lily Allen - “As Long As I Got You” (Official Video)

In the intro for her new “As Long As I Got You” video, Lily Allen explains that her trip to the Glastonbury Festival was a special one. The last time she played the festival, she got together with her husband, and now she’s got two kids with him. Allen’s new album Sheezus is her first in five years, and it’s already yielded plenty of videos, but none of them are as straight-up fun as this one. The video, which Chris Sweeney directed, captures Allen beaming as she traipses around the Glastonbury grounds. Also of note: The song has both a Bo Diddley beat and an accordion, neither of which is exactly common currency in 2014 pop music.

Iceage - “The Lord’s Favorite” (Official Video)

Danish punk Iceage released their last album You’re Nothing just last year, and today, they’ve already returned with a new song, a slurry and falling-apart rockabilly number called “The Lord’s Favorite.” The track comes with a new video. More than any other Iceage video, this one gets a lot of mileage out of the fact that the band’s members are extremely handsome young men, and it’s full of undertones of sticky and vaguely transgressive sexuality. There’s no new-album news yet, but the band promises “more new music coming soon,” and they’ve also announced a North American tour. Below, check out the video, which Cali Thornhill DeWitt directed.


Pharrell Williams - “Come Get It Bae” (Feat. Miley Cyrus) Official Video

Pharrell acts as a photographer at a fashion shoot in the video for “Come Get It Bae,” which is his next single from G I R L. Miley Cyrus, who contributed vocals to the song, also shows up about halfway through in a goofy outfit. And maybe I’m reading too much into things, but even though Pharrell ostensibly is singing as himself when he says, “I can see it the way you like/ I can do anything you need,” it still feels a little gross to see those words accompanied by girls dancing suggestively for the camera when we’re not so far removed from all of the Terry Richardson controversy, especially with Miley featured in the video. For someone who is usually pretty conscious of how he comes across, it seems like a bit of a misstep for Pharrell. Also for a video that starts with the words “Beauty has no expiration date” superimposed on the screen, it sure features a lot of twenty-somethings.

Helado Negro - "I Krill You" (Official Music Video)

Electronic musician Roberto Carlos Lange will soon put out Double Youth, his new album under the long-running moniker Helado Negro. We’ve already heard the new single “I Krill You” (which somehow wasn’t already used as a title by the band Krill), and now he’s shared a video for the song. Blending glittering streamers, footage of forests, flashing blue lights, and closeups of Lange singing, it all melts into an impressionistic whole that fits the song well.

Bleached - “Poison Ivy” (Official Video)

Yesterday, the tough L.A. garage-poppers Bleached released their three-song For The Feel EP; we posted the title track a little while back. The band has a new video for their sneery, catchy EP track “Poison Ivy.” It captures their performance on the pilot of the Check Yo Ponytail TV show’s pilot episode, as well as what happens when the old-timey TV showing that performance doesn’t work quite right. Jesus Rivera directed the clip, and you can watch it below.


Team Spirit - "Teenage Heart" (Official Video)

The former Passion Pit member Ayad Al Adhamy now leads the explosive garage rock quartet Team Spirit, and their sophomore album Killing Time comes out in a couple of months. Al Adhamy has a double role in the band’s gory new video for their giddy single “Teenage Heart“; he plays a sadistic doctor and the patient who becomes the victim of said doctor’s zeal. The whole thing is a cartoonish pile of guts, complete with the obligatory sexy nurse, and Dorian Tocker is the party responsible for directing it.

Infames - "Y es así" (Official Video)

Infames Video Oficial Y ES ASÍ

© 2014 Indie Records
Composed by Infames
Director : Eduardo Salvatierra
"Y es así " by Infames
Intro: Devendra Banhart

Producción : Trilogía Studios
Masterización : Glen Vargas
Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Joyce Manor - “The Jerk” (Official Video)

California’s Joyce Manor’s third studio album, Never Hungover Again, comes out today, and it’s full of those happy-sad riffs that define classic emo. Relative newcomers to the scene, Joyce Manor’s sound would nonetheless fit snugly amongst their predecessors on this list, had they been around a decade or two ago. “The Jerk” is one of the new album’s strongest tracks, clocking in at a characteristically brief 1:46, and is cheerily plaintive from beginning to end. The video, a grainy mishmash of handheld camera footage, is as visually wistful as the song’s keened chorus.

Future - “T-Shirt” (Official Video)

Future seems to be on a mission to make videos for every one of the songs on Honest, his very good sophomore album. And the new video for the miasmic, thudding “T-Shirt” follows in the footsteps of the low-budget clips for “Blood, Sweat, Tears” and “Side Effects.” This one is a day-in-the-life sort of thing, and it follows Future from an airplane to a drug house, a shoe store, his house, and the stage at Birthday Bash, Atlanta’s biggest annual rap show. There are a few rapper cameos in there, too.

YG - “Bicken Back Being Bool” (Official Video)

YG’s debut album My Krazy Life remains, for my money, the best rap full-length of 2014 by a whole lot, and one of the great things about it is the way it weaves its big, obvious singles into its rich tapestry. The Compton gang-slang headknocker “Bicken Back Being Bool” feels more like an album track than a single, but like so much of what this guy does, it’s catchy as all hell, so maybe it’s not a surprise that it’s got its own video now. Director Alex Nazari starts things off with a long spoken-word fire-and-brimstone sermon, and he piles on the local Compton atmosphere before everything explodes into a gun battle.


TEEN - “Tied Up, Tied Down” (Official Video)

“Tied Up, Tied Down” was one of the best songs off TEEN’s recent album, The Way And Color, and now it has been paired with a music video, directed by Jordan Michael Blake, which approaches the tropes of teen love with the same surreal, psychedelic twist as the band gives to R&B. It follows a trio of identically dressed teen girls and a trio of boys who pair off and do things that teens do like make out, smoke cigarettes, drink milk (?), beat each other up in boxing matches until they vomit blood (??), and eventually turn into portals to outer space (???). The video tumbles further down the rabbit hole until the summer day shifts to night and things come to a haunting conclusion. Watch it below.

Basement Jaxx - “Never Say Never” (Feat. ETML) Video

About a month ago, UK dance duo Basement Jaxx shared the towering disco-house track “Never Say Never,” the third single from their upcoming album Junto. Today, it’s been given a spectacularly insane video thanks to writer/director Saman Kesh. In a world where 72% of humans have stopped dancing, Jaxx Industries sets out to “stimulate the world to dance again” by inventing and perfecting the Bluetooth-enabled, iTunes sync-able TW3RK-BOT, complete with self-lubricating, machine-washable Jaxx Buttocks. Pre-order yours today! You can watch the appropriately dramatic video below. (NSFW-ish, depending on how acceptable robot butts are. There are also a couple of human butts in there, so watch.

Lucki Eck$ - “Ouch Ouch” Video (Dir. FKA twigs)

Lucki Eck$, an 18-year-old rapper from Chicago, released his debut mixtape last year. “Ouch Ouch,” produced by British singer FKA twigs, comes from his forthcoming mixtape BODY HIGH. FKA twigs also directed and starred in the video, a creepily hypnotic clip of what looks like either a séance or demonic possession shot on glitchy, grainy VHS tape.

Spoon - “Do You” (Official Video)

Spoon are back this summer with the fantastic They Want My Soul, a bright and lively dispatch from one of indie rock’s greatest bands. The excellent single “Do You” now has a video by Hiro Murai that finds Britt Daniel sporting a head wound and driving a station wagon through an apocalyptic Los Angeles with a lady in the backseat. Watch it below and stick around for the curious reveal at the end.