FKA twigs - “Video Girl” (Official Video)

Before she got internet-famous by making music on her own, FKA twigs worked as a dancer in other artists’ videos. “Video Girl,” a song from her stunning debut album LP1, is about the feeling of being recognized as “the girl from the video.” Now, things have come full-circle, and she’s made her own video for “Video Girl.” It is nothing like any of the videos she ever danced in. Instead, it’s an unsettling black-and-white short film with big ideas about sex and death and movement. In the clip, twigs stands in an observation room, calmly watching a lethal injection. She also imagines herself into the room with the body, twitching and whirling her way around it. And then there are some fucked-up grainy visions, as well, with twigs covered in metal cyborg jewelry and a dude with a mouthful of blood. Kahlil Joseph directs. It’s a hard video to wrap your mind around, but you can watch.

The Afghan Whigs - “Lost In The Woods” (Official Video)

Although the Afghan Whigs would do a killer cover version of Bon Iver’s “The Woods” and/or Kanye West’s “Lost In The World,” their song “Lost In The Woods” is an original from this year’s comeback album Do To The Beast (Stream). The song now has a video that’s appropriately set in the woods, involving an array of eerie characters including a wolf, two dancing women in white dresses, and a creepy skeleton-man. Longtime Whigs collaborator Phil Harder directed the clip, which successfully transports the band’s back-alley soul catharsis to a different kind of shady environment. Watchto get in the Halloween spirit.

Greylag - “Yours To Shake" (Official Video)

Greylag’s video for “Yours To Shake” is the second clip we’ve seen this morning to set a sleek, classic-rock-inflected indie song in a haunting woodland environment. The colorful clip was directed by Ben Fee, and it follows a number of intriguing figures through some dramatic encounters in the forest.

Niia - “Body” (Official Video)

R&B singer-songwriter Niia released her debut EP, Generation Blue, today. It contains the gorgeously ghostly track “Body,” which has gotten the video treatment and a remix from the Range. The video, directed by Tim Saccenti, plays like a sadistic fairy tale in black-and-white, with shadowy shots of a BDSM relationship intercut with ferocious dogs that dart along the screen chasing a slow-moving rabbit. The remix from the Range comes on the heels of their recent collaboration “David’s House,” and sees the producer provide a subtle reworking of the track.

Jacques Greene - “1 4 Me” (Official Video)

R&B experimentalist Jacques Greene has announced a new EP called After Life After Party with a new song and video for “1 4 ME.” It’s a stylish video for a slick song that plays off a trend I didn’t even know existed in which people ruin their new shoes in water and film it to put on Youtube. (That’s according to Fader anyway, who premiered the video.) Even without that context, it’s a very pretty video set in what looks like a hotel pool. Watch the video and read some words from Greene about what inspired the new EP.
These tracks were born out of experimenting with a bit of self-imposed restraints. Afterlife was a particular sound palette I wanted to stick to and see what would come of it. ’1 4 Me’ was trying to challenge myself to keep an arrangement dead simple. They came out of a period that was actually really prolific for me and I hope to share more soon, but these two stuck together with a playful spirit. Some fun for the end of summer, as we tread into winter.
01 “After Life, After Party”
02 “1 4 Me”
03 “After Life, After Party” (Suicideyear Remix)
04 “After Life, After Party” (Sei A Remix)

Tkay Maidza - “Switch Lanes” (Official Video)

We took notice of Australian rapper/singer Tkay Maidza after the release of her Switch Tape mix last week. “Switch Lanes” is a song off of that mixtape, and it now has an animated video to go along with it. Director Sachio Cook creates an anime-influenced goth world and follows our protagonist through it, which is filled with cotton candy creatures and pastel-colored memes. It’s a beautiful and mesmerizing video for a great song.

Lemonade - “Orchid Bloom” (Official Video)

Lemonade’s @LILINTERNET-directed video for “Orchid Bloom” is a dizzying look at our darkest nights, those ones when you’re drunk and maybe a little high and your mind keeps flashing back to a past love, where your whole being is filled with a desire for a missed connection. Subtitles stand in for our own subconscious worries and thoughts — one of them reads “What’s wrong with you, dude?” and they get more esoteric as the video continues: “So there’s infinite parallel dimensions where every possible outcome is happening. I’m gonna go there.” The quick cuts and bright lights are a little overwhelming at times, but it perfectly captures the feeling that it’s trying to recreate.

Buzzcocks - “It’s Not You” (Official Video)

Back in May, Buzzcocks put out their PledgeMusic-funded record, The Way for backers only. It’s their first album in eight years, and it’s not getting an official release on 1-2-3-4 Go! Records, and they’ve shot an video for album track “It’s Not You.” It features images of the band members washed out and playing superimposed on a brick wall lit up in funky colors.

Shamir - “On The Regular” (Official Video)

Shamir debuted earlier this year with his impressive Northtown EP, which was put out on Godmode Records. He’s now transitioned over to XL and announced that move in a big way with “On The Regular,” his first single for the big-name indie label. It’s a bratty schoolyard dis track that snaps like a rubber band, featuring mile-a-minute rap and a bubblegum-smacking beat. Shamir knows how to switch it up, too: the bridge is a beautifully sung ode to disco diva culture that’s accompanied by a ferocious grin: “Don’t try me, I’m not a free sample/ Step to me and you will be handled/ See, that’s my crown on the mantle and if you try and touch it, yes, there will be scandal.” The video asserts the song’s Shamir-as-king stance, with visuals that pop with color (sometimes literally).

Grouper - “Made Of Air” (Official Video)

Grouper’s new album Ruins closes with a gorgeous 11-minute ambient instrumental called “Made Of Air.” Today, to mark the album’s release, Liz Harris has shared an equally gorgeous video by director Paul Clipson. I can’t emphasize enough that both the song and Clipson’s collage-like nature footage are absolutely splendorous things. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed today — and even if you’re not — why not press play, go into full-screen mode, sit back, and relax?

Lucius - “Hey, Doreen” (Official Video)

Just in time for Halloween, Lucius have delivered a murder mystery by way of a video for Wildewoman track “Hey, Doreen.” Directors Leblanc + Cudmore helmed the clip, which (if I’m understanding this right) features elderly versions of Lucius singers Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig who seduce and murder older men by disguising themselves as youthful lasses. Or it’s about the real Lucius singers disguising themselves as elderly ladies? I’m going to need to watch this a couple times to figure it out, but that won’t be a problem because it’s a great video.


Flight Facilities - "Sunshine" (Official Video)

This week, the Australian electronic duo Flight Facilities released their latest album Down to Earth. The single "Sunshine" features vocals from comedian/musician Reggie Watts. Watts also stars in the video. (Flight Facilities themselves make a cameo.) 

Directed by Rhett Wade-Ferrell, the clip opens with Watts on the phone, explaining a movie concept based on the "combination of two classics: Twilight meets 'Happy Days'." It goes from there...
Down to Earth also features collaborations with Kylie Minogue, Bishop Nehru, and more.

Alice in Chains - "Phantom Limb" (Official Video)

The video for Alice in Chains' "Phantom Limb," a heavy, throbbing track off their 2013 album The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, tells the story two men — one older, one younger — pitted against each other. After the younger man, who resembles Matt Dillon's character in the 1992 movie Singles, forces his way into the residence of the older man, he begins brutally assaulting him. The seven-minute clip, directed by Roboshobo ("Voices," "Hollow," "Stone"), culminates with a supernatural twist that leaves neither person happy. The video is available as part of a BitTorrent bundle that also includes its video treatment, the shot list and access to the band's merch.

In an interview last year about the album, vocalist-guitarist Jerry Cantrell praised the overall grit on The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here. "There's some real filth in there," he said. "That's intentional, and that's also just how we sound together. We're trying to make a record that we dig and we're trying to keep the bar high for ourselves and see if we can get past it, and I think that we did again. And of course you want people to dig it too and to respond to it, and to have that start happening is satisfying."

Sharon Van Etten - “Your Love Is Killing Me” (Official Video)

Sharon Van Etten doesn’t appear in her video for “Your Love Is Killing Me,” a gorgeous song from her Are We There album. Instead, Carla Juri, the star of the new indie film Wetlands, plays a woman with a lot on her mind and no real regard for New York City’s indoor-smoking ban. Sean Durkin, the filmmaker behind Martha Marcy May Marlene, directed the video. And as with that movie, he tells a lot of subtle story without too many words, just giving you faces to read. Watch it at Indiewire.

Frankie Cosmos - "Art School" (Official Music Video)

Earlier this year, Frankie Cosmos (aka Greta Kline) released her excellent full-band LP, Zentropy, and we didn’t really give it its proper due here. It’s absolutely fantastic, one of my favorite albums of the year. Not many people can extract so much emotion from songs that rarely travel over a minute in length, but she manages to create a whole world in just 18 minutes. Kline distills wisdom in whispers and platitudes, alternating between intimately personal details and grand dramatic statements that only she could pull off with such sincerity. After releasing a billion or so albums on Bandcamp prior to Zentropy, she had a firm handle on the songwriting side of things, so working with a full band allows these tracks to stretch their muscles. They sound self-assured and confident, which contrasts nicely with the lyrics themselves, which are mired in uncertainty and doubt. “Art School” opens the album, and it now has a very goofy video, which was directed by Sophia Bennett Holmes. Kline acts (?) like a Justin Bieber-obsessive: she watches the “Baby” video on repeat, jumps around on a bed that’s surrounded by Bieber posters, and even turns down a photo of boyfriend Aaron Maine to put all of her attention on the pop singer.

Hamilton Leithauser - “5 AM” (Official Video)

“Do you ever wonder why I sing these love songs/ When I have no love at all?” So goes “5 AM,” a minor-key piano ballad from Hamilton Leithauser’s solo debut Black Hours (stream) that feels like what Jeff Tweedy might call “the bible-black pre-dawn” — a black hour indeed! The track now has a video by director Tristan Patterson that expertly matches the song’s wistful, forlorn mood.

Bleachers - “Rollercoaster” (Official Video)

Jack Antonoff is the co-leader of fun. and the guy who co-wrote and produced Taylor Swift’s excellent “Out Of The Woods.” He also has a solo side project called Bleachers, and he released a great and surprising debut album called Strange Desire earlier this year. In his new video for the busy, gleaming new wave track “Rollercoaster,” he and his backing band go all Teen Wolf, riding on the roof of an ice cream van while chasing a pretty girl down a desert highway. Richard Shepard directed the video.

Iggy Azalea - "Black Widow" ft. Rita Ora (Official Video)

Purchase "Black Widow" On iTunes Now: http://po.st/BlackWidow
Stream On Spotify: http://po.st/BlackWidowS
Directed by Director X and Iggy Azalea

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