Eminem - “Phenomenal” (Official Video)

Eminem has released the high-budget, action-fueled video for his new Southpaw soundtrack single “Phenomenal,” which premiered exclusively on Apple Music (and includes some Apple Watch and iPhone product placement — synergy!). It begins with the rapper breaking out of the hospital, and follows him as he meets the Big Bad of the video (John Malkovich) and exchanges some words with him in an impressively bad display of Em’s limited acting skills. He then gets hunted around the city in a one-upmanship of stunts that includes a flaming motorcycle, a car chase, and a helicopter. Eminem ends the video by falling through a city and landing on stage with Dr. Dre. You can watch it on Apple Music.

The Libertines - “Gunga Din” (Official Video)

Yesterday, the Libertines announced that their first album in 11 years, Anthems For Doomed Youth, would come out this September, and today they’ve shared lead single “Gunga Din,” which they debuted live in June. The song premiered on BBC Radio 1 this afternoon, and the band followed that up with a video for the track soon after. It features the band walking through and acting sloppy in Thailand’s red light district.

Watch Dave Grohl Play Foo Fighters’ 20th Anniversary Blowout From A Giant Motorized Throne

 Dave Grohl broke his leg during a gig in Sweden last month, and although he managed to tough it out like a champ and finish the show, the Foo Fighters were forced to cancel all of their upcoming tour dates in Europe, including a headlining set at Glastonbury. Fortunately, Dave Grohl made it out to the Foos’ big 20th anniversary 4th of July blowout at Washington, D.C.’s RFK Stadium to perform for the first time since his injury. Under doctor’s orders to keep his leg elevated and sporting a purple cast, Grohl played the entire show ensconced in a giant motorized throne, and after opening with “Everlong,” he told the story of the fall and played a few clips of the incident, asking “How many of you motherfuckers saw that on Youtube?” Apparently he first conceived of and designed the throne while high on painkillers and declared “I’m not missing this show for the world, you build me that throne and we’ll play a Washington, D.C. rock concert.” And he did! The eclectic mix of Buddy Guy, Gary Clark Jr., Heart, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, LL Cool J featuring DJ Z-Trip, Trouble Funk, and Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue all also played at the event. Watch some footage of the Foo Fighters performance and check out the setlist below.

“Monkey Wrench”
“Learn To Fly”
“Something From Nothing”
“The Pretender”
“Big Me”
“I’m The One” (Van Halen cover) (snippet played during Chris Shiflett’s band introduction)
“Another One Bites The Dust” (Queen cover) (snippet played during Nate Mendel’s band introduction)
“Owner Of A Lonely Heart” (Yes cover) (snippet played during Pat Smear’s band introduction)
“Cold Day In The Sun”
“My Hero” (Acoustic)
“Times Like These” (Acoustic)
“Under Pressure” (Queen & David Bowie cover)
“All My Life”
“These Days”
“For All the Cows”
“Alone + Easy Target”
“This Is A Call”
“Best Of You”

Miguel - Wildheart Chapter 1: Find What You Love And Let It Kill You Short Film (Explicit Version)

Miguel just released his really good new psychedelic R&B album Wildheart, and he’s already given us a sexy video for its sexy lead single “Coffee.” Now he’s put together a 13-minute short film called Wildheart Chapter 1: Find What You Love And Let It Kill You, which is basically one extra-long and extra-sexy music video for “…goingtohell,” “Coffee,” and “NWA,” interpolating the previously seen “Coffee” video and expanding upon Miguel’s torrid love affair with his blue-haired muse. At the end, Miguel goes for a sunny neighborhood stroll, and Kurupt is there too.

Big Sean - “Play No Games” (Feat. Chris Brown, Ty Dolla $ign) Video

Big Sean – “Play No Games” (Feat. Chris Brown, Ty Dolla $ign) (Dir. Mike Carson)

Whoomp! There it is — the ’90s are still cool.

Tink - “Million” (Official Video)

Tink has been a little shaky this year between the tepid, preachy flop of “Ratchet Commandments,” and Timbaland’s endless obsession with making her into Aaliyah. She’s so far from that archetype that this doesn’t even make sense as a strategy — but I digress. “Million” is part of a move back toward the slinky minimalism of her best mixtape Winter’s Diary 2. I still wish this one had a stronger hook, but the song feels really cohesive, and not cobbled together like some of her other recent stuff. To her credit, Tink can switch between a diva croon and a fiercely spit verse with no effort at all. As far as the video, I love the completely at odds looks she switches between throughout. My favorite is the white bejeweled bodysuit — it’s very Beyonce.

Eternal Summers - “Come Alive” (Official Video)

Last month, dream-pop trio Eternal Summers released Gold And Stone, and we premiered the video for the title track. Now they’ve shared another clip, this time for their sweet indie-pop track “Come Alive,” featuring a failed brunch that takes an unexpected pleasant turn. Eternal Summers gather for a disappointing meal of uncooked biscuits from their friend, until a really fun human-size mouse crashes the party, making it “come alive” for real and restoring biscuits for all. Watch the work of directors Sara Carr, Stephen Shocket, and Allison Apperson below.

Big Noble - “Traveler” (Official Video)

Big Noble is the project of Daniel Kessler of Interpol and sound designer Joseph Fraioli, and their debut under the title First Light came out in March of this year. Since then, Kessler has slowly tricked out videos for the ambient, tension-building tracks. The stunning “Ocean Picture” is probably the best one, but his time-lapsed visuals and collage-like clips for “Atlantic Din” and “Pedal” are all also beautiful; Tunde Adebimpe directed the latter. For the “Traveler” video, we get shots of clouds, an eagle soaring, waves crashing, and a lone figure, wandering. Watch the Travis Robb-directed vide.

White Reaper - “Last 4th Of July” (Official Video)

For most everyone in America, the 4th Of July means lots of beer, sun, and good times. For the rest of the world, it’s pretty much just another day. (At least it’s a weekend this year!) Because it’s America, that means the holiday celebrating our independence is big, brash, and loud, three modes that aggressive Louisville rockers White Reaper are intensely familiar with. Their upcoming debut full-length, White Reaper Does It Again, contains an ode to the holiday in the form of the rip-roaring “Last 4th Of July,” and they’ve put out the song and an appropriate video of some car smashin’ right as the special time gets underway. The footage in the video comes from the upcoming movie The Age Of Reason.


Rihanna - “Bitch Better Have My Money” (Official Video) Explicit

Take a deep breath and savor the moment. We’re going to have a very short time before the parents’ groups of the world start loudly freaking the fuck out over Rihanna’s new video for “Bitch Better Have My Money,” so we need to appreciate every moment that that isn’t happening. Rihanna shared a preview of the video a few days ago, promising nudity and language and violence. She wasn’t kidding. The clip features Rihanna and a couple of friends kidnapping a rich lady and holding her for ransom, and it ends with a naked Rihanna, covered in blood, smoking weed while sitting in a trunk full of cash. The actors Mads Mikkelsen and Eric Roberts appear in the video, and there is an actual story arc. But all that is secondary to the sheer bold imagery of Rihanna, lounging in a blow-up pool on the deck of an oil tanker, firing an uzi off into nothingness, or getting her hostage high while throwing money up in the air in a hotel room somewhere. It’s a hell of a video, and Rihanna co-directed it with Megaforce.

Lupa J - “Quiet Here” (Official Video)

Lupa J is the moniker of 17-year-old Sydney, Australia resident Imogen Jones, a classically trained violinist who began to write, produce, and record her own electronic songs at 15. Last year she released an EP, The Seed, and Australian radio station Triple J named her a finalist in their national Unearthed High competition (a competition for high school-aged musicians). Now she shares the video for her enchanting song “Quiet Here,” filmed, directed, and edited by Jones and Kathy Drayton. Lupa J is mesmerizing; she stares through you while she sings each emotionally charged lyric and scenic visuals play in the background. The airy electronic song incorporates violin and eerie, beautiful vocals fit for a luring siren.


Modest Mouse - “The Ground Walks, With Time In A Box” (Official Video)

Earlier this year, Modest Mouse returned from a years-long absence with the new album Strangers To Ourselves, and as we learn from their new video for the single “The Ground Walks, With Time In A Box,” they may have just been spending that time away perching on Oregon garbage dumps. In the new video, the band lives in a fantastical dreamworld made entirely out of trash, wearing plastic-bag headdresses and clutching scepters made of broken lightbulbs. My favorite might have been the crown of discarded keys. The clip features pretty-lady apparitions and kabuki sorcerers, and it ends with Isaac Brock fighting a guy dressed entirely in old ties, leading to a blood finale that’s probably meant to evoke the fight between the Mountain and the Viper on the last season of Game Of Thrones.

Titus Andronicus - “The Magic Morning” Short Film & “Fired Up”

At the end of the month, Titus Andronicus will release The Most Lamentable Tragedy, their massive and sprawling rock opera about manic depression. We’ve already heard a ton from the band: “Dimed Out,” “Fatal Flaw,” the entire Sorry About The Delay mixtape. And now the band has dropped a whole new motherlode on us. They’re calling their new video a short film, and this is one of those rare cases where the title actually applies. Frontman Patrick Stickles directed the band’s “The Magic Morning” film (“in the Welles / Toland tradition,” says Stickles at the band’s Shea Stadium headquarters, with Ray Concepcion serving as editor and director of photography. The band has also posted the passionate, dynamic album track “Fired Up,” which kicks as much ass as anything else we’ve heard from the album. And they’ve also posted all the lyrics from every song on the album, with Stickles adding annotations. You can find all that here. Suffice to say: You can easily spend the rest of the day sorting through everything Titus have just given us. Check out the short film and “Fired Up” below.

Kendrick Lamar - “Alright” (Official Video)

Kendrick Lamar’s stunning new video for his To Pimp A Butterfly highlight “Alright” has a scene where a little kid throws money out a muscle car window while Kendrick does donuts and more little kids dance on top of a cop car. It has scenes where Kendrick levitates along city streets. It has a scene of Kendrick perched atop a streetlight outside the Staples Center, the truss that held him up there digitally erased. All that builds up to a dark, topical conclusion. It’s a beautiful, cinematic video, shot in high-contrast black-and-white and directed by Colin Tilley and the Little Homies. And it might be the year’s best music video. Kendrick’s last video, for “King Kunta,” was incredible, and this one is better.

Disclosure - “Holding On” (Feat. Gregory Porter) Video

Last week, Disclosure dropped a trailer for what seemed to be an elaborate short film or music video from their upcoming sophomore album Caracal. Now, in a series of tweets, the brothers Lawrence just confirmed that it’s actually a sequence of four music videos that will make up one complete short film:
We wanted to create something very different with our music videos this time around. Something unique that would connect all the songs from the album and the videos in a special way. This is the first of a series of four amazing videos directed by Ryan Hope that come together to create a short film…Caracal. As each music video comes out…The plot unfolds.
Along with the announcement, they shared the first clip in the sequence, set to the album’s Gregory Porter-featuring first single “Holding On.” Shot in Mexico City, the video is set in a dystopian future police state and elliptically begins the story of a woman named Mariela who maybe has special powers and definitely seems to be society’s last hope.

Active Child - “1999” (Official Video)

“1999” is the impossibly delicate, nostalgic lead single off Active Child’s new album, Mercy. It sets the tone for a shimmering, shy record that’s got one foot in the past and one finger on the pulse of the future. Pat Gross also shared “Mercy” and “Never Far Away” prior to the album’s release earlier this month, and today he’s debuted the fantasy-based visual to accompany Mercy’s fantastic first single. Directed by Basak Erol, the video reminds me of The NeverEnding Story through its marriage of high fantasy and childlike costuming. It’s a beautiful companion to the song.

Nai Harvest - “Ocean Of Madness” (Official Video)

The 2014 Band To Watch duo Nai Harvest dropped their most recent LP, Hairball, back in April, a worthy follow-up to their DIY debut. “Ocean Of Madness” is one of many carefully orchestrated indie-pop songs to be found throughout Hairball, and the new accompanying video mimics its unwavering energy. Singer/guitarist Ben Thompson and drummer Lew Currie play under a skylight as costumed friends parade through the room, showing off their quirks. Director Ed Crisp told us the following about the making of the video:
I had the idea a while ago for a video that was based on a band playing in the middle of a circular dolly track, so that was the sort of starting point for the video. Calum and I got some ideas from the internet and set about building a dolly that can move on a track made of PVC pipe, pure DIY all the way. The concept was built around that, we wanted it to be kinda weird, with loads to look at and loads going on, I think it turned out pretty well considering we only had a day of filming including setting up and testing the dolly. We got some friends in to be in the background and to bring loads of props and costumes etc; for some reason somebody had a kangaroo outfit and a gas mask.


Ben Browning - "Friends of Mine" (Official Music Video)

Cut Copy bassist Ben Browning released his solo debut Turns a few weeks back, and he’s just shared a video for album track “Friends Of Mine.” It’s a nostalgia-bound look at what goes on in a single apartment, with a cast of characters going about their daily lives with a rote boredom as Browning looks on and explores with an almost morbid curiosity. Girls start Alex Karpovsky, who directed and appeared in Tanlines’ “Palace” video last week, also shows up here.