Ariel Pink - “Jell-O” (Official Video)

Ariel Pink has already worked with the director Grant Singer to make three videos for songs from his 2014 album pom pom: “Put Your Number In My Phone,” “Picture Me Gone,” and “Dayzed Inn Daydreams.” They’ve all been slow, creepy, and oddly beautiful pieces. That’s not the case with Pink’s new video for the frantic bugout “Jell-O.” This time around, Pink went a radically different direction, working with director Dan Kapelovitz (this guy, I assume?) and making a busy, frenetic psychedelic kaleidoscope of a video. It has cleavers and pig masks and Jell-O vomit, and it seems designed to remind you that Jell-O itself is made of animal pieces. The former Germs drummer Don Bolles co-stars, and the clip is dedicated to the late psych-rock trickster Kim Fowley, who co-wrote the song with Pink.

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