Moaning - “The Same” (Official Video)

There’s something innately appealing about watching something get destroyed. Los Angeles’ Moaning wreck a house in the video for their catchy as hell new song “The Same,” and it’s captivating to see them irreversibly tear things down while they sing about not knowing what’s coming next. Change comes in fits and starts — sometimes it feels like putting a sledgehammer through a wall, but more often than not it feels like nothing is happening at all. “We’re the same/ Everything else has changed,” they sing flatly in the chorus. You try to get a grasp on life, but it all moves too quickly. Usually it’s easier just to give into the chaos. “What’s next? Who knows?” they ask. “We’ll see how it goes.” Moaning doesn’t know what’s coming, but they’ll tear everything down in the mean time while they try to figure it out.

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