Shana Cleveland & The Sandcastles - “Holy Rollers” (Official Video)

La Luz frontwoman Shana Cleveland is releasing her solo debut with her other band, the Sandcastles, in May. We premiered the finger-picked rattler “Itching Around” a few weeks back, and before that she also shared the quiet, cat-stretch lazy track “Golden Days.” Now, she’s directed a drama-kid-weird video for yet another excellent song off her album. “Holy Rollers” floats by on warm, moody melodies, but the video is bright and garish, with Cleveland shedding costumes like skin in front of a shiny, gold backdrop. Actually, this reminds me of going to one of those portrait studios as a child and posing on a ladder against a paint-splattered backdrop or something totally random like that. The picture-in-picture action in the upper left hand evokes that old, cheesy photo style as well. Yet, the “Holy Rollers” video is gripping in the same way that televangelism’s camp is — and Cleveland’s honey-thrum playing throughout never loses momentum.

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