J. Cole’s New Music Video Is All About Dogs Fucking - J. Cole - "Wet Dreamz" Video

“Wet Dreamz,” a track from J. Cole’s album 2014 Forest Hills Drive, is a story-song about the time Cole lost his virginity. It’s pretty gross! That’s maybe something he shouldn’t have rapped about! But nothing about the song should really prepare you for its video. Director Ryan Staake made the amazing, absurd decision to tell the song’s story with a couple of adorable puppies standing in for Cole and the song’s nameless girl. So yes: This is a video about two dogs deciding to fuck. There is a moment where a dog has porny thoughts, imagining another dog on a velvet doggie bed. There is a moment where a dog winks. There is a moment where a dog learns to fuck by watching elephants fuck on TV. It’s hard to believe that this thing could possibly exist.

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