Lady Gaga - "Til It Happens To You" Video (Lady Gaga’s New Video Is A Powerful PSA About Campus Rape)

Lady Gaga has spent much of the past two years hanging out with Tony Bennett and making amiable throwback big-band music. But in January, she contributed a big, searching orchestral power ballad called “Till It Happens To You” to The Hunting Ground, a documentary about campus rape and sexual assault. Power ballad specialist Diane Warren wrote the song, and it treats a very important topic with big, cinematic emotional power. Catherine Hardwicke, the filmmaker behind Thirteen and the first Twilight movie, directed a stately black-and-white video for the track. Nikki Reed costars, but Gaga herself doesn’t appear in the video. Instead, it focuses on the stories of a few women who go through terrible things at college, with a special emphasis on how they can find help.

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