The Goon Sax - “Sometimes Accidentally” (Official Video)

“No, I don’t care about much/ But I definitely sometimes care about you,” lament Brisbane’s slacker indie-rock trio the Goon Sax in their video for debut track “Sometimes Accidentally.” Just out of high school, the band share in fellow Aussie Courtney Barnett’s storytelling narrative with their witty, self-deprecating lyrics, told in similar sing-talk fashion. “Sometimes Accidentally” takes the form of a love-song-that’s-not-really-a-love-song, clever verses that every pathetic lovesick-ridden post-adolescent will find utmost joy and comfort in: “And sometimes I think about things, and sometimes I accidentally think about you”. The track is filled with jangly guitars that ride a ’90s lo-fi wave, a Pavement-influenced poetic youth revolt.

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