Dev09 - “You Made Me” (Official Video)

Last month, we posted “You Made Me,” an excellent piece of sneery, minimal club-pop from Dev09, an 18-year-old singer who comes from South Bend, Indiana. After we posted it, Stelios Phili, the A$AP Ferg collaborator who produced the track, emailed me and told me that Brett Haley, director of the buzzed-about new movie I’ll See You In My Dreams, had heard the track on Stereogum and loved it. He liked it so much, in fact, that he flew to South Bend and filmed the video for free. And so I’m delighted to report that the new video is really, really good. Haley films Dev09 as she struts through her hometown, moving through a skating rink and a machine shop and a few tree-lined suburban streets. And she has a very serious presence, which is more than enough to carry the video. I don’t know if music videos can make stars anymore — especially if the artist in question is an unsigned newcomer — but this feels like a starmaking performance.

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