Tindersticks - “Hey Lucinda” (Feat. Lhasa De Sela) Video

We Are Dreamers!” was a collaboration with Savages’ Jehnny Beth, and Tindersticks’ second single from The Waiting Room is a duet too. The chamber-pop slow-burn “Hey Lucinda” matches Stuart Staples’ mannered baritone with Lhasa De Sela’s weary, high-pitched intonations. Their vocals are cast against an array of rock, folk, and classical instruments that come and go at surprising, rewarding intervals. As with “We Are Dreamers!” and every other song on the album, “Hey Lucinda” arrives with a short film, this one by Rosie Pedlow and Joe King. The directors explained their creative process to Indie Wire:
When we first heard “Lucinda,” we were struck by the way the instruments were used to help tell the story. The glockenspiel at the start reminded us of those wind-up musical Ballerina boxes that grind to a halt; the lurching rhythms of the backwards strings and steel drums made us feel a bit drunk. We decided to use camera movement to echo the toing and froing of the duet, filming from opposite ends of the street in a series of mini tracking shots. Lhasa’s end would be the sleepy chalets; Stuart’s would be amusements. We used a camera slider to repeat the same shot allowing us to layer and cross-fade real time, slow motion and timelapse seamlessly. We wanted to convey not only something about the experiential nature of time but also something about memory and how it fades. We ramped each shot up and down and brought it to a halt just like a ballerina box and used time-lapse to inject a bit of “drunkenness” into the image.

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