WUME - “Gold Leaf” (Official Video)

April Camlin and Al Schatz comprise WUME, a self-described radical Baltimore band, formerly of Chicago. They’ve toured with Dan Deacon and collaborated with Matmos’ M.C. Schmidt and are named after Wümme, the German town were Faust recorded its early music. Now WUME are back on the road, and to herald the tour dates they’ve shared a video for “Gold Leaf” from their recent album MAINTAIN. The song is a squiggly, synth-driven instrumental that manages to be reflective and buoyant all at once; fans of the aforementioned Faust or Deacon will probably dig it. It’s accompanied by a video by Danielle Criqui and John Jones featuring the checkered-flag equivalent to It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s Green Man living his life.

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