Waxahatchee - “La Loose” (Official Video)

We just named Waxahatchee’s Ivy Tripp one of the best albums of the year, and today she’s shared a video for standout track “La Loose.” It was directed by Galaxie 500’s Naomi Yang, and features Katie Crutchfield walking around in a field picking petals off a flower, singing into the camera in front of a giant abandoned ferris wheel, and repurposing old flannel. Here’s how Yang described the video:
“La Loose” is a song of love and longing, though dark at its edges with feelings of ambivalence. I wanted the video to be a visual equivalent to the song lyric, “a charming picture of hysteria in love” — a spinning emotional kaleidoscope of desire and rejection, adoration and anger, hope and despair. For this reason I set the video in mirror-twin locations: an abandoned, haunted amusement park and a thriving farm out of a beautiful dream.
Watch it via Pitchfork below.

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