Oneohtrix Point Never & Nate Boyce - “Repossession Sequence” (Official Video)

Daniel Lopatin’s music under the Oneohtrix Point Never moniker is somewhat averse to description. It’s disorienting and sends our audial perceptions into a dizzy whirl. His latest video is part of a series for Channel 4’s Random Acts, which features a string of collaborations between Warp artists and filmmakers. It features bits from his last album, Garden of Delete (AKA G.O.D.), and is equally boggling. The video pastes parts from “Freaky Eyes,” “Ezra” and “Mutant Standard” together into a compact three-minutes. Similar to the album, “Repossession Sequence” is a surreal, near-horrifying enigma of a video that’s hard to turn away from. Is that hovering metallic thing trying to speak through a disembodied head? What is it saying? Is this a metaphor for human communication? Who knows.

Oneohtrix Point Never’s also announcing a world tour with a new live set-up. It includes long-time collaborator Nate Boyce, who directed this insane video.

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