Novelty Daughter - “Day Of Inner Fervor” Video

Novelty Daughter is the project of Brooklyn-based musician Faith Harding — she released her self-titled debut EP back in 2013, plus a few one-offs since then. (One of her earliest songs, “American Dreams,” was my jam a while back, and I played it non-stop for a few months straight.) Harding will release her debut album, Semigoddess, next year, and today she’s sharing the lead single from it, “Day Of Inner Fervor,” with a Dennis Moran-directed video that captures all the weirdness and wonder that is her take on pop. With a hypnotic backbeat and that soaring, mesmerizing voice of hers, the track feels like a welcome fever dream, incorporating disco and jazz and a free-flowing sense of time to craft a wholly unique experience.

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