Homeshake - “Heat” (Official Video)

In what seems like a cross-universe hybrid between a game of The Sims and the stuff that makes for every person’s worst nightmare, Homeshake’s new single “Heat” features centipedes wearing trucker hats, a bearded man-baby strapped to the back of a bearded man-child, and 3-D monkeys that look as if they have been injected with the DNA of Bratz dolls. The entirely animated video, directed by Cole Kush, also has the Bratz-like monkeys sitting in a Jeep and worshipping what looks like a silver-embossed Buddha. Or perhaps it is merely another man-baby. The track itself from Homeshake — the moniker of former Mac DeMarco guitarist Peter Sagar — is stripped-down and entirely lo-fi, smooth vocals over delicate synths. “Heat” is pulled from Homeshake’s second LP Midnight Snack, which was released in September.

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