Chelsea Wolfe - "Hypnos" (Official Video)

Goth-rock purveyor Chelsea Wolfe darkened last summer with the dense, decidedly metal Abyss, and it was excellent. Since then she’s planned a new two-track 7″ this April that comprises Abyss B-sides. The first offering was the chasmic, gloomy “Hypnos” and it moved away from the heavy-handed rock of the album with bare, stripped, but still ever so bleak soundscapes.

Today, she’s given “Hypnos” a visual treatment full of beautiful despair to match the song perfectly. A deft play of light and shadows in black-and-white, the video features Wolfe alternating between bathing in darkness and basking in light as she eerily caresses huge snakes coiled in her arms and wrapped precariously around her body. She performs the song popping in and out of old school television screens with staticky images. The darkness engulfs her, and the slow-lingering shots are alluring, making the video an apt foray into the song’s title.

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