Andy Shauf - “The Magician” Video

Andy Shauf’s new video for “The Magician,” a lushly arranged pop-rock throwback off his upcoming album The Party, takes you on a kaleidoscopic journey of passing vintage stock photography and paper doll scenes. The video begins with the image of a boy lying on the beach beside the orchestrated pull of a paper tide, but piece by piece the scene is torn apart to take us to a different, whimsical world made up of random magazine cut outs. Shauf himself is cut and pasted into this 2D puppet theatre, too, remaining stationary over the shifting backgrounds, or what might be a glimpse into his magical mind. But even he is torn apart and as the video comes to an end, we are left in the abyss of space, with only our friend from the beach to disrupt the pieced-together scenery. Winston Hacking directs.

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