The 1975 - “The Sound” (Official Video)

Everyone’s a critic, and the 1975 confront said critics directly in their new video for “The Sound,” the sleek disco jam off of your newest Album Of The Week I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it. In the clip, the band perform inside a glass box while white-clad critics look on and various disparaging remarks flash across the screen — “they’re essentially making robotic Huey Lewis tunes,” “there’s no danger in this music at all,” “unconvincing emo lyrics,” “this band thinks it has a charismatic singer…they are mistaken,” “terrible high-pitched vocals over soulless robo beats,” “punch-your-TV obnoxious,” “genuinely laughable,” and “I only heard ‘Chocolate’ once, but I hated it.” By the end of the video, however, the tables have turned, with the critics trapped inside the box while the band sit outside and judge silently. Take that, haters!

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