Watch Flying Lotus’ Short Film FUCKKKYOUUU (NSFW)

Fresh off a Grammy nod for his collaboration with Kendrick Lamar on “Never Catch Me,” eccentric producer Flying Lotus is back with another striking set of visuals. He’s soundtracked the new Eddie Alcazar-directed short film FUCKKKYOUUU, which finally surfaces online today after its premiere at several film festivals last year, in conjunction with its screening at Sundance Film Festival today.

The short is wonderfully weird, dark, and disjointed. Shot in black-and-white, Alcazar’s use of light and shadow is impeccable, framing a twisted time-traveling love story. It opens with an excerpt from Silvia Plath, then moves to a haunting image of a glowing substance injected intravenously into an alien-like figure’s arm, lingering shots of naked bodies kissing while floating in the air (hence the NSFW), and a horrific, gory image of a tree sprouting its roots through the alien-like life form while laying on the ground. Flying Lotus’ score accentuates these beautiful, brutal images with a more traditional film score featuring his off-kilter aesthetic and eerie cinematic sweeps. The mix darts around your ears while listening through a pair of headphones, oscillating from left to right like it’s moving through your head. This is an evocative film in every aspect.

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